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wildfire smoke pollution causes skin damage
Wildfire Smoke Pollution Causes Skin Damage

By Cynthia Bailey MD

A first of its kind study showed that wildfire smoke pollution causes skin damage. The study, done by UCSF Dermatology Department, showed significant skin damage in a particularly vulnerable population of ec...

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sunscreen during winter and after 4pm
Do You Need Sunscreen in Winter, Or in The Morning and After 4pm?

By liz pires

Do you know if you need a sunscreen in winter and after 4pm? How about in the morning when the sun feels soft and is delightful - do you need to sun protect your skin? Yes, you know that harsh mid-day summer...

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does sunscreen expire
Does Sunscreen Expire?

By Cynthia Bailey MD

Many sunscreens are labeled with an expiration date but can you use out of date sunscreen? The answer is no. Sunscreens don't keep their SPF forever. The SPF represents fresh sunscreen and ingredients start ...

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