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By Cynthia Bailey MD.

advice get tips from dermatologist for skin problems

Here in my Skin Care Tips and Advice Center at, I’ve written down my best patient care ‘tutorials’. These help my patients ‘get’ their skin from a dermatologist’s and scientist’s perspective. I’ve included info on what’s up with the skin and what I find helpful to fix the most common problems I see in the office. I've practiced dermatology for over 30 years and done over 200,000 or more skin exams. I'm passionate about teaching my patients about their skin. Here you will find information that I share with them every day in my practice. 

Get my actionable dermatologist-recommended skin care tips for your skin type and skin problems.

ACNE TIPS & ADVICE Let me solve your acne problems. Acne tips and treatment advice from Dr. Cynthia Bailey learned over years of dermatology practice treating thousands of acne patients.

ANTI-AGING SKIN CARE TIPS Looking for the best, dermatologist-recommended anti-aging and anti-wrinkle skin care products? Here’s how to choose the best products for your skin.

ANTI-AGING SKIN CARE FOR AFTER MENOPAUSE A woman’s hormones help support youthful skin. After menopause, your skin starts to change. It's not your imagination! Compared to your skin before menopause, your postmenopausal skin starts to show: atrophic withering, wrinkling, slackness (especially on your forearms and face), progressive dryness, and scaliness.

ARMPIT SWEAT - HOW TO PREVENT IT Do you seem to have more armpit sweat than others? In Dr. Bailey's experience, hyperhidrosis is more common than we used to think in dermatology. Learn how to manage your excessive sweating issues.

ATHLETE'S FOOT FUNGUS Learn how to treat and prevent this common cause of scaly and itchy feet.

CELLULITE Learn what causes cellulite, who is most prone to it, how to reduce the appearance of it and what treatments may actually reduce cellulite itself. 

COMPLETE SKIN CARE  Get more results when you use a Complete Skin Care Routine – I can help you pick products that work well together to promote healthy skin.

CHAPPED AND DRY LIPS Learn how to heal your dry and chapped lips for good! You’ll discover some surprising causes of chapped lips, including why your lip balm may actually be making your lips worse.

COMEDOGENIC INGREDIENTS - WHAT ARE THEY? Learn what a comedogenic ingredient is and which ingredients to avoid in your skin care routine to avoid breakouts and acne.

DR. BAILEY'S EBOOKS Ever wondered about sunburn damage and how it affects your skin? Do you want to learn how to eat yourself to health and beauty? Suffering from Rosacea and have questions? Check out Dr. Bailey's free ebooks.

DEHYDRATED SKIN - WHAT IS IT? Learn the difference behind dehydrated skin and dry skin from the dermatologist! These commonly misunderstood terms require different treatment to remedy. Dr. Bailey gives you the facts, along with her tips and advice for dehydrated and dry skin.

DRY SKIN CARE TIPS Learn how to heal your dry skin with simple changes in your skin care routine. Whether you were born with dry skin or you have developed the problem later in life, the way to improve your skin is the same. Discover which skin care choices matter and find products that should best work for you.


You hear experts tell you to drink water to treat dry skin, but does it work? Many people with dry skin are perplexed because they’re drinking plenty of fluids. 


The major difference between "regular" dry skin vs. dry skin that may be due to a condition like eczema/atopic dermatitis. 

ECZEMA SKIN CARE TIPS Let me solve your eczema problems. Eczema tips and treatment advice from Dr. Cynthia Bailey learned over years of dermatology practice treating thousand of eczema patients.

ESSENTIAL OILS AND BOTANICAL INGREDIENTS - ADDING TO YOUR SKIN CARE Learn what essential oils and botanical ingredients are, how they work and which can be added to your skin care routine.

FACIAL REDNESS Dermatologist explanation for the most common causes of facial redness and how to reduce facial redness with your skin care routine.

HYPERPIGMENTATION Learn the common causes of skin hyperpigmentation and dark spots and the clinically-proven skin care ingredients that work best to get rid of uneven skin pigment.

KERATOSIS PILARIS These scaly red bumps that can happen on the backs of your arms and front of your thigh are common.  Enjoy soft skin again in no time by following my simple, easy-to-follow skin care steps.

MELANOMA - WHAT IS IT? How do you identify Melanoma? How can you prevent Melanoma? Learn the ABCDE's of Melanoma detection.

OILY SKIN CARE TIPS Are your skin care products too heavy for your oily complexion? Balancing moisture while controlling oil is tricky. Let me help you find the perfect skin care routine for your oily complexion. Your skin will look and feel great!

PERIORAL DERMATITIS  Perioral dermatitis is a rash on the facial skin that usually happens around the mouth and lips and looks like a combination of a dermatitis and acne pustules or even small acne-like blisters. Learn how to control perioral dermatitis with your skin care routine.

PIMPLE - TO POP A OR NOT... THAT IS THE QUESTION! The art or disastrous consequences of pimple popping explained.

PSORIASIS Get my treatment tips for the best skin care that I use in my practice to help patients heal and control psoriasis. Learn the important health conditions now linked to psoriasis and the diet and lifestyle changes that I've used to help my psoriasis patients gain control of this serious skin and total body health issue. 

ROSACEA TREATMENT Rosacea treatment and skin care advice from dermatologist Dr. Cynthia Bailey. Look better and calm the red face of rosacea with my tips and advice, learned from years of treating people with this troubling skin problem. Learn about my favorite rosacea skin care products that have worked the best for my patients.

SEBORRHEIC DERMATITIS TIPS If you have seborrheic dermatitis, your skin needs special care. Get the best tips and advice from dermatologist Dr. Cynthia Bailey. Her years of medical practice treating people with seborrhea can help you control your skin problem. Find out Dr. Bailey's own skin care secrets for treating her own seborrheic dermatitis prone skin.

SENSITIVE SKIN Is your skin a little ... sensitive? Do you have problems with skin irritation or allergy? Learn how to properly treat and care for your sensitive skin.

SKIN CANCER TIPS FOR PEOPLE AT RISK Skin cancer is a real problem. Dermatologist Dr. Cynthia Bailey shares her tips on how you can help prevent skin cancer and decrease your risk of contracting this disease by using the best skin care products.

SUN PROTECTION FOR A HEALTHY AND ATTRACTIVE COMPLEXION A.S.K. yourself if you have adequate sun protection. Follow Dr. Bailey's simple guide for complete sun protection.

SUNSCREEN: KEY ELEMENTS THAT SHOULD BE IN YOUR SUNSCREEN Do you wonder how to choose a sunscreen, how much to put on, when you need to wear it and what to avoid? Based on 30+ years of clinical experience, Dr. Bailey has seen what works - and what doesn't with sunscreen. 

THUMB NAILS - WHY DO THEY RIDGE DOWN THE MIDDLE? Learn how to prevent and repair thumb nail flicking or rubbing.

WRINKLE TREATMENT Know how to pick wrinkle creams that really work. Dermatologist Dr. Cynthia Bailey cuts through the hype and gives you the bottom line in anti-aging skin care information and product recommendations.


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Are you frustrated by a skin problem?

Do you want to spend 'quality time' picking the brain of a dermatologist?

You can have that here!

I love to teach and my patients love to learn. I’ve spent over 30 years watching when the 'light bulb' goes off in someone’s eyes as they finally understand the what and why about their frustrating skin problem.  I’ve learned to translate ‘doctor speak’ and I love sharing what I know with people who are interested in it too.

Remember, the right treatment always starts with the right diagnosis. Use this information to help you understand your skin. If you are unsure of your self-diagnosis then see your personal doctor to figure out exactly what your skin problem is. You can bring them this information to see if they feel that my tips are right for you.