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Best Vitamin C Skin Care Products

Using Vitamin C: How to Choose the Best Anti-aging Skin Care Products

Adding vitamin C to your anti-aging skin care routine can transform your skin - but it's also very tricky. That's because vitamin c is highly unstable and this is what causes so much confusion.  In a nutshell, most vitamin C products simply don't work. Like I said, it can be very confusing!

Why there is so much confusion about using vitamin C in skin care?

For vitamin C to change your skin for the better, your skin needs to have really high levels of vitamin C.  However, your body prevents this from happening through diet (too much vitamin C gives you the "runs!"). To "load" the skin to the levels that can effect change, use skin care products crafted with special delivery systems. You also need to stabilize the vitamin C and protect it from air and light before you apply it.  

Why is it good to add a vitamin C product to your skin care?

  • Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that can destroy skin damaging-free radicals from the sun and other environmental stressors. Free radicals wreak havoc in skin; they ultimately destroy and age skin structures and even cause cancer. Because vitamin C is a powerful skin antioxidant it can help prevent skin damage from UV rays. It is no substitute for sunscreen and sun protection however!
  • High levels of vitamin C in skin have been shown to stimulate skin collagen formation. Collagen formation is the only way to truly reverse wrinkles.  
  • Vitamin C has some ability to decrease hyperpigmentation by inhibiting the action of tyrosinase, the enzyme responsible for melanin production in skin. 

In my opinion, a complete anti-aging skin care routine includes a well-crafted vitamin C product, along with sunscreen, of course. The products are expensive, however, so you need a vitamin C product that's worth your time and your money. Otherwise, all your good efforts are wasted.

How do you know if a vitamin C product is any good?

Here are the three key things to look for in a vitamin C skin care product:

  1. It brags that it contains 10% or more of L-ascorbic acid in a stable form.
  2. The product is formulated in an acid pH.
  3. Its container is airtight and it does not let light and air penetrate.

There are other forms of vitamin C in skin care products but I think the best is L-ascorbic acid.

To tell if a vitamin C product is any good, you can figure some of this out on your own. For instance, when a vitamin C product turns amber color, it is unstable and has been inactivated by oxygen. Also, if it does not taste sour, it’s not acidic.

using vitamin c skin careI have used a professional-level vitamin C skin care product for years in my dermatology practice. I, my husband, and my adult kids use it too. If you follow the above link, you'll see how I recommend using vitamin C in a complete anti-aging skin care routine. My Professional Vitamin C Anti-Wrinkle Treatment Serum is the product I trust for my skin. Many people love it too. 

My friend who comes here is using Dr. Bailey's Vitamin C Serum and she went to get a facial with her aesthetician who did not know that she was using something new. The facialist said ‘what are you using, your skin looks so much better I can see such a difference.’ Diana M

That vitamin C feels like your putting pearls on your skin.” Hillary A, Bodega CA

Vitamin C skin care products can benefit your skin. You just have to know what products to look for, and how to use them.


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