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Trusted Dermatologist Dr. Cynthia Bailey

I am Board Certified Dermatologist Dr. Cynthia Bailey and I am based in Sebastopol, CA (Northern California wine country). Over the last 30+ years, I have personally:

Highly sought-after skin care expert

As a renowned expert in skin health and care, my insights have been featured in numerous prestigious and expert publications, including the American Academy of Dermatology Association (AAD), Prevention, USA Today, BBC, Woman's Day, WebMD, and many more. I am a highly sought-after trusted source of information on skin care. See the full list of media coverage.

I am committed to educating the public about skin health and my insights shared via the media, medical community, and my own Skin Care Advice Center, have helped countless people improve their skin health.

When looking for a dermatologist, what’s the #1 trait you look for?

Most people want a doctor that has experience and a trusted reputation. They also want a physician that they feel comfortable with – especially with skin issues that can be embarrassing. This describes Dermatologist Dr. Cynthia Bailey!

Knowledge, experience, and personality are really important for a dermatologist. Especially since skin problems are often confusing, worrisome, and embarrassing. When a skin problem happens to you, whether it’s a bad case of acne, a worrisome mole, or anything in between, there’s a sense of urgency and you want someone to ease your concerns, explain what is happening, and expertly remedy the problem. This is what's made Dermatologist Dr. Cynthia Bailey so popular in her community.

With more than 30 years of dermatology experience, Dr. Cynthia Bailey has both the knowledge and personality to help patients feel safe and secure.

“We like Dr. Bailey! We live over 2000 miles away but there just isn’t a dermatologist like her there so we keep coming back to Sebastopol and that’s the bottom line. She’s so real.“ — SG & DG

“Dr. Bailey found a melanoma on my leg and I still don’t know how she figured out it was bad when my legs are covered with freckles. I didn’t even come in for something on my legs, she just found it. I feel like she saved my life.“ — CM

Dr. Cynthia Bailey voted top dermatologist by her peers in Sonoma County

When I'm asked why my practice grew to be the number 1 dermatology practice in my community I think it is because;

  • I take the time to explain your skin problem and the treatment options so that you are empowered to make good decisions. I am impeccably thorough and take a uniquely holistic approach to skin problems too, offering medical, surgical, and cosmetic skin treatments that work.
  • I know firsthand how it feels to suffer from skin problems. As a teen I had acne. I hate to admit it, but I was also a teen tanning addict - and I began to notice wrinkles and sun damage in my mid-twenties. Sensitive skin, rosacea, and seborrhea are also skin conditions that I have always had.
Breast cancer survivor and advocate dermatologist Dr. Cynthia Bailey

And of course, I have openly chronicled my breast cancer journey, along with the impact it and chemotherapy have on the skin.

Patients love Dr. Cynthia Bailey’s tireless enthusiasm to teach them about their skin.

In the office, in my blog articles, on my web pages, and when I was a member of the clinical teaching faculty at the University of California San Diego Medical School, I explained dermatology in terms you can understand. This has added to my demand as a hard-to-get-into-dermatologist, sought after by discerning people who want thorough and expert dermatologic care delivered patiently, compassionately, and custom designed for their values and priorities.

“People from everywhere know Dr. Bailey and many would like to get into her practice but her practice has been full for years. She’s known as the dermatologist you can’t get into unless you have friends or family already in the practice who can ask her for you.“ — RG

“Every time I tell someone about the surgery on my face they look and they can’t find the scar. I say, hey man, I have a specialist, and she knows what she is doing!“ — FW

“My friend who used to come here and moved out of state said, ‘I just can’t find a dermatologist here like Dr. Bailey.“ — SB

Skin care is an important tool I always include as part of my holistic approach to healthy skin. I created products and routines for the full range of skin problems and skin types that I see in my practice.

Due to strong demand, Dermatologist Dr. Cynthia Bailey now offers her carefully designed skin products and routines on the web for people all over the world.

Dermatologist and skin wellness blogger Dr. Cynthia Bailey founder of Dr. Bailey Skin Care

Every skin care product that I offer has been carefully tested on myself, my family (really!!) and patients over the years. From products that solve problems like rosacea or acne, or that help rejuvenate the skin, my products get real results. If it doesn’t work, I don't offer it. It’s as simple as that.

If you know Dr. Cynthia Bailey you know she thoroughly enjoys being a dermatologist.

I consider it a privilege that I get to “tidy, fix, and improve” the part of a person’s body that everyone sees. I know that when a person’s complexion is healthy, it helps build self-confidence and adds to their enjoyment in life. My ultimate goal is to help people to be happy and healthy – whether through my work in the office, on my blog, or in some other form of media, I work tirelessly to that end.

I want you to fall in love with your skin every single day! 

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Here’s a bit more about my dermatology background and the professional organizations I am involved with:

  1. Graduate of Tulane University Medical School in New Orleans.
  2. Member of the American Academy of Dermatology.
  3. Diplomat of the American Board of Dermatology.
  4. California Medical Association (member of the Board of Trustees 2000-2003, Member of the House of Delegates 1993-2003.)
  5. Sonoma County Medical Association (President elect and President 1998-2000, member of the Board of Trustees 1996-2000, Creator and Co-Chair of the Sonoma County Health Care Summit 2001-2003.)
  6. Board of Trustee and Committee member on numerous Sonoma County health care organizations since 1991.

Dr. Cynthia Bailey member of Sonoma County Medical Association      Dr. Bailey member of American Academy of Dermatology      American Board of Dermatology      member of California Medical Association