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By Cynthia Bailey MD. This page was updated on Sat, May 23, 2015

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Shipping Inquiries, Administrative Questions, and 

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Please visit our shipping information page and return policy before submitting questions. Allow one business day for your response.

Customers with shipping, order, and administrative questions that would like to reach us by phone or mail (available during normal business hours only):

Receive the fastest response by sending your email to [email protected]

To leave a message in our voice mail system:

  • Retail\Web Store Customers: (707) 829-5780
  • Address: Dr. Bailey Skin Care, LLC, 425 South Main St, Sebastopol, CA 95472

See an important disclaimer about the types of questions we cannot answer.

An Important Disclaimer

Please note that Dr. Bailey and her staff:

  • Cannot make any diagnosis of anyone's skin problem
  • Cannot give specific product recommendations for anyone's specific type of skin problem
  • Cannot give anyone individual therapeutic recommendations
  • Cannot discuss the specifics of anyone's skin problems by email/web site/phone, or in any other way
  • Cannot discuss the use of any prescription cream or medication unless at an appointment with one of our Doctors
  • Cannot suggest products or usage tips for items not sold on our website
  • Cannot color match make up over the phone

You can find Dr. Bailey's skin care and product-use information in the detailed Dermatologists' Advice and in Dr. Bailey's Skin Health and Wellness Blog, the longest running, dermatologist written, skin health blog in the world. Answers to your skin care and product questions may be there. This information is provided for educational purposes; each reader must use their own judgment and/or the judgment of their personal physician to decide if the information pertains to them.

Dr. Bailey has written extensively on how she uses each of her products. She has also written extensively about how she creates skin care routines to address many of the common skin problems. You can find answers to most of the frequently asked product questions within each product page. If you have not found the answer to your product question within the product page, you can submit an Administrative Question using the form on this page.

Her website contains detailed product-specific information on each product page and a general dermatologists' advice section.

Her Skin Health and Wellness Blog contains information on many different skin problems.