Cleanse Correct Hydrate Protect™

Cover each essential skin care step with the right products for healthy, vibrant and insanely touchable skin.


Clean skin will maximally absorb product actives in your skin care routine enhancing your results. The best way to Cleanse skin and remove sebum, dirt, pollution, bacteria, and old product residue is by applying a water-based skin cleanser or soap to damp skin and rinsing it off completely.

Add double skin cleansing when you need to remove stubborn oil, makeup or product residue. There are two ways to double cleanse your skin:

1. With a cleansing oil: Before using your water-based cleanser, massage skin with a cleansing oil such as grapeseed oil. Remove the oil with a damp warm cloth (remember that ‘like dissolves like’ and a cleansing oil helps to remove stubborn oil-based residue). Follow-up with your water-based skin cleanser and rinse well.

2. With a toner: After using your water-based cleanser, swab skin with a facial toner designed to remove oil such as one formulated with witch hazel. Place several drops of toner on a cotton ball or pad and swab your skin. Toners often have the added benefit of helping to refine the appearance of pores and/or restoring the acid mantle pH when natural (alkaline) soaps are used.

Add physical exfoliation when you Cleanse to slough dull dead cells and create instantly soft skin texture and brighter skin tone.  Use a facial exfoliating sponge or shower cloth with your normal skin cleanser or select a cleanser formulated with exfoliating beads. 


Product ingredients that help Correct complexion problems are absorbed best through freshly cleansed skin. This is where skin care science has brought us great advances. Customize your routine to target your complexion goals and challenges. Know that not all actives can be formulated together but they can often be layered.  Examples include glycolic acid, retinol, acne treating ingredients such as salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide, antioxidants, skin plumping ingredients like fractionated hyaluronic acid and sodium PCA, and pigment lightening ingredients such as hydroquinone. Some products used in your Cleanse or Hydrate step may multitask for you by containing ingredients that also Correct skin problems such as an acne treating cleanser or a collagen stimulating night cream.


Healthy skin is optimally hydrated (with low Transepidermal Water Loss) and has a strong skin barrier (called the stratum corneum). Different complexion types and different sites on the body need different care to prevent dehydration and barrier compromise. Use products with a combination of barrier supporting ingredients and water binding ingredients, called humectants. Dial in the right combination with your Hydrate step that also serves to ‘seal in’ actives applied during your Correct step. Examples of ingredients that support skin barrier integrity include oils, squalane and ceramides. These enrich skin barrier lipids to protect keratin protein and prevent skin water loss, irritation and sensitivity. Examples of humectant ingredients that hold water inside the layers of skin include glycerin and hyaluronic acid. Know that some products in your Correct and Protect steps may multitask for you by containing barrier supporting and moisture-binding ingredients.


UV exposure always damages skin cell DNA and mitochondria, dermal collagen and other vital skin structures. It also leads to skin pigment problems.  If the sun is up, you need to Protect your skin from UV rays – and they come through windows and bounce into shade. Apply a broad-spectrum SPF 30 or higher sunscreen to all exposed skin during daylight hours. I recommend that you use sunscreens containing mineral zinc oxide as the primary active ingredient. Always apply the right amount of sunscreen to get the full SPF protection. Layer it on top of your other skin care products. Makeup, if worn, is applied on top of sunscreen. Moisturizers and makeup with SPF are not a substitute for a real sunscreen; don’t rely on them to give your skin the UV protection it needs to stay healthy.


Why does a Dr. Bailey Complete Skin Care Routine™ make all the difference?

Products that are fighting against each other or that fail to address a key piece of what is causing a skin problem will limit the success of your skin care routine. For example:

· Adding retinol in the hopes of softening wrinkles and stimulating collagen renewal without using the right sunscreen, means the retinol can’t do its job.  

· Using acne treatment products in combination with a pore blocking moisturizer or sunscreens means that your acne won’t clear up.

· Adding soothing products that target rosacea without using a barrier repairing moisturizer and sunscreen may prevent the rosacea from healing.

The list goes on and the bottom line is that your entire skin care routine needs to work in harmony, setting your skin up for success, so that you get the best results.

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Skin health comes from within.

Set up your lifestyle to support your skin care goals. The best diet for healthy skin should include foods packed with vitamins and minerals. When most of the foods you eat are nutritionally rich foods, your skin will be its healthiest and most beautiful! This is far from the magic bullet we all want in our fast-paced lives; healthy eating requires real commitment. Eat mostly vegetables, fruits and whole grains - organic or naturally farmed. Limit meats, fish, dairy and eggs - use them as an embellishment to your meal, not the main portion of what you eat - and be sure they're from naturally farmed animals. Use virgin olive oil. Consider processed and sugary foods as a treat, not your main source of calories and nutrition. Remember that a healthy lifestyle also involves getting a good night’s sleep, regular exercise and being mindful about stress. Combine a healthy lifestyle with a Complete Skin Care Routine™ and achieve the insanely touchable skin you’ve always wanted.