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Green Tea

Green Tea Products Dr. Cynthia Bailey

Green tea is the best proven antioxidant to add to your skin care routine. I can say that with 100% confidence, backed by my 45 years as a scientist and 35 years of clinical dermatology practice. I’ve seen the rise of the antioxidant trend in skin care and watched a smorgasbord of antioxidants claim miracle results. My patients and I have tried them all, and the only one that stands up to the claim – and has the scientific studies to prove it – are the EGCG green tea polyphenol antioxidants. And, beautifully, they are also non-irritating to sensitive skin and go even farther by soothing facial redness. You can’t say that about other trending antioxidant sweethearts such as vitamin C!

Green tea EGCG antioxidants are scientifically proven to:

  1. Inhibit chemical and photocarcinogenesis from UVB – aka sunlight
  2. Act as potent antioxidants blocking free radical skin damage from sun/pollution/age, and modulate gene signaling pathways that lead to skin inflammation
  3. Benefit acne prone complexions by reducing sebum production and the inflammatory cascade that leads to pimples.

Not all green tea will capture the scientifically proven benefits I just mentioned. You need high concentration stable EGCG polyphenol isolates because that’s where the magic happens. My Green Tea Antioxidant Skin Therapy has this - and no other product can compare.

This is a phenomenal product for rosacea skins! I have tried thousands of dollars of products and this is easily the best product on the market to control sensitivity and skin redness. Linda A

The same EGCG isolates are found in my Retinol Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream, making it the ultimate night treatment for precious facial skin. Ditto my Advanced Corrective Eye Cream.

Green tea is also included in a supporting role in a number of my other products as part of my commitment to give you as many antioxidants in your skin care as possible. It's like “eating the rainbow” for optimal health, only in the context of what you apply to your skin. Yep, I’ve got you covered with “only the best from science and nature” for building a health-focused skin care routine.

Sensitive Skin Natural Could be agitiating

Sensitive Skin Natural Could be agitiating