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fix crepey skin

Why Your Skin Gets Crepey And How To Fix It

Short sleeves and shorter pants and skirts are coming out now that the weather is warming up. Is the skin on your arms, legs, hands, and chest looking crepey, dull and not what you want to show off as summer rolls around?

Dermatologist’s information on what causes your skin to look this way and how you can treat it at home.

This happens as we age. It is worse for women than men, though both are affected. It is even worse after menopause.

What is Crepey Skin?

how to fix crepey skin

The term, "Crepey Skin," refers to skin that looks like crepe paper – skin that looks and feels thin, has fine wrinkles and an undulating texture. Patients often compress their skin to highlight the fine wrinkling as they describe it to me in my dermatology practice. Arm skin is a great place to see this type of skin texture.

This skin texture has several causes. Skin thinning and increased flaccidity are responsible for increasing your risk of crepey skin. Skin hydration is also really important – dry, thin skin takes on this texture.

What is the Best Treatment for Crepey Skin?

There is a fast fix and a longer more sustained fix. I recommend both – because no one likes their skin to be like this.

  1. Use products that help to build and renew skin collagen production to improve skin thickness.
  2. Combine these with ingredients for skin hydration and stimulation of deeper skin hydration by inducing skin hyaluronic acid production to really plump up skin.

It’s actually easy.

Click here to learn how to fix your crepey skin fast with my 4-step process. Thousands of my patients have followed this advice over the years, and it works. I use it for my own 60+ year old skin, because, well, it will descend into the crepey abyss without these 4 simple steps.