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Do You Have an Itchy Beard?

Do You Have an Itchy Beard?

You may have seborrheic dermatitis or an allergy to beard care products!

If you have an itchy beard with dry skin, flaking and redness under your beard or mustache, it’s time to take action. The holidays are coming, and with a few simple steps, you can stop the itch to look and feel your best.

What causes an itchy beard?

Seborrheic dermatitis, also known as facial dandruff, may be causing your “beardruff.” More than likely, a yeast organism is involved, but no one really knows what causes this condition.

Another possibility may be allergic contact dermatitis where your shave gel, beard oil, mustache-grooming ointment, shampoo, or other facial products are causing an allergic reaction.

How do you get rid of beard itch?

To start, review all of the products you use on your skin. Pay special attention to shampoos and soaps as many of these are to harsh for facial skin.

If you get a rash that continues to spread, or have another negative reaction to a product, stop using it immediately. 

Next, switch to hypoallergenic products specifically for facial skin and beard-care to help eliminate the risk of allergic reactions.

Try cleaning your beard with a multi-tasking product like my Daily Foaming Facial Cleanser. It cleans and prepares your skin for shaving.

best foaming facial cleanser for men's skin care




If you think you have seborrhea (bearddruff), try my Foaming Zinc Cleanser. It will help you fight dandruff on your beard, mustache skin and everywhere else!

Foaming zinc cleanser for healthy skin!




After washing, apply a hypoallergenic beard oil with carrier oils that mimic your skin’s natural oils and has good, conditioning agents. This way, your beard and mustache 

hairs will be soft and healthy. You simply apply a few drops to your fingertips, and work your way through your facial skin and beard hair from the bottom up. 

Then, stroke your beard or mustache hair downward to coat the outer surface and have the hair lay down in a well-groomed fashion.

Check out my hypoallergenic Sensitive Skin Booster Oil.

best natural facial booster oil to help heal sensitive skin





If you think seborrhea is the cause of your beard itch, start with my Omega Enriched Booster Oil.  

Help dry scalp and skin with the best beard oil for healing flaking facial skin.





These two facial oils contain the best essential oils to fight breardruff. 

One final tip… apply sunscreen!

You may not think you need to apply sunscreen to the skin under your beard, but it can protect your skin and keep your sun-exposed hair from having a yellow look. best sunscreen for hairy skin

Try my Sheer Strength Pure Physical Spray Sunscreen. Use it on a daily basis, and it will give you the sun protection you need. It’s ultralight and will not mess-up your well-groomed beard or mustache.

Get Rid of Your Beard Itch

Having an itchy beard is no fun, but there are ways to treat it once you know what’s causing it. Review the products you are putting on your skin, and switch to hypoallergenic options to avoid allergic reactions.

I've put together the most popular men's products in my new Men's Skin Care Pages. I've even created some men’s skin care kits to help you get exactly what you need without the guesswork. Whether it's beard care, facial skin care, body skin care, or a specific skin problem that you are looking to address, I've created dermatologist's level information, tips and skin care products to help you have healthy and attractive skin now.

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