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get rid of beardruff
How to Get Rid of Beardruff

By Cynthia Bailey MD

A good, natural beard oil will fight inflammation and allergic reactions that can play havoc with your skin.

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Itchy Beard
Do You Have an Itchy Beard?

By Cynthia Bailey MD

If you have an itchy beard with dry skin, flaking and redness under your beard or mustache, it’s time to take action. With a few simple steps, you can stop the itch to look and feel your best. What causes an...

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How and why beard oil works
What, Why and How of Beard Oil

By Cynthia Bailey MD

For men, well-groomed facial hair is very fashionable right now. Fellas, a beard oil is a keen grooming trick to keep your beard soft and luxuriant, not scruffy.

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the best treatment for facial dermatitis in the beard area
The Best Treatment for Facial Dandruff in the Beard Area

By Cynthia Bailey MD

Hello Dr. Bailey, I've read your Tips for Facial Seborrheic Dermatitis Control and had a couple questions: You mention the Green Tea Antioxidant Skin Therapy as a great product for dermatitis, but other web...

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