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How and why beard oil works

What, Why and How of Beard Oil

Tips to Avoid a Scruffy Beard

For men, well-groomed facial hair is very fashionable right now. Fellas, a beard oil is a keen grooming trick to keep your beard soft and luxuriant, not scruffy. A good beard oil contains ingredients that:
  • Condition hair to a healthy and soft sheen;
  • Calm facial skin irritation; and
  • Reduce skin flaking that can mar a beards appearance.

When and how do you apply a beard oil?

Apply a beard oil right after washing your face.
  • Add a few drops to your palms or fingers, and rub your hands together.
  • Working upwards, stroke and massage the oil into your skin under the hair.
  • Finish by stroking in a downward direction to coat your beard hairs, and lay them back into their natural direction for a neat appearance.
For longer beards, use a beard comb or brush for a final grooming. This will help to distribute oil to every hair. Both your skin and the entire surface of each hair shaft will be conditioned and vibrant.

A little beard oil goes a long way so just use a drop or two spread vigorously.

The key trick here is to add the beard oil after you wash your face and towel it dry. The moisture in, and on, your skin and hair will help carry the oil in just the right amount – not too much and not too little. And, it will help trap water in your skin and hair to maintain healthy hydration. No more straw-like scraggly hair or dry, flaking skin!

How do you choose the right beard oil?

Look for conditioning ingredients like:
  • Jojoba oil (mimics skin’s natural oils which nature designed to condition your hair);
  • Argan oil and pomegranate oil (loaded with free-radical fighting antioxidants); and
  • Borage oil (one of the highest source of omega 6 which helps fight skin irritation).
Woodsy, essential oils are great additions. But be careful! Some of the most popular (sandalwood, citrus and tea tree, for example) are potent allergens. Musky fragrance ingredients are, too.

What are the best essential oils for beard oil?

Smart choices are woodsy essential oils that fight flakes and beard itch (A.K.A. beard-druff), and help keep skin healthy. These include cypress and sea buckthorn.

What is the difference between Beard Oil and Booster Oil?

They are the same! Yep. They are carrier oils mixed with essential oils. The devil is in the details. I’ve used my science-geek dermatology brain to blend the best organic oils for skin and hair health. They benefit face skin AND hair. Plus, they can be mixed with a skin cream to boost skin hydration and fight irritation. One product boosts both skin and beard – It’s all in the formulation! Now, are you ready to have a smoother, healthier and more luxurious beard without the scruffiness?   Choose from my Omega Enriched Oil here or my Sensitive Skin Oil here, safe for even highly allergic skin types.