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How Kate Hudson and Natalie Portman Fixed their Acne with Diet

How Kate Hudson and Natalie Portman Fixed their Acne with Diet

The relationship between acne and diet – Is dairy a culprit?

How do Kate and Natalie keep their skin acne-free? They are both vegan, which means they both avoid dairy. Paleo didn’t work for Kate Hudson, and traditional, ovolacto vegetarian (that included dairy) did not work for Natalie Portman. And this isn’t surprising. Why? The link between dairy and acne is now scientifically-proven, and both of these women figured it out for themselves. Since their complexions are a professional and personal matter, they did the work to make positive changes happen. By giving up dairy, they have seen excellent results.

And if you or your loved ones suffer from acne, dairy may be the cause too.

I’ve seen the connection between diet and acne in my dermatology practice for years. Long before the scientific evidence, I began to wonder about it. After all, teens and young adults consume a lot of milk products. They also eat a fair amount of junk foods like burgers, fries, pizza, candy, and other, sugar-laden products. All these foods are now known to be linked to acne. And dairy is uniquely to blame (as I wrote about previously in this article on how dairy foods biochemically lead to pimples).

How does dairy cause acne?

Eating milk-based foods activates systems in the skin that lead to changes in the pores. Acne is an inflammatory condition. And anyone who suffers from acne flare-ups knows how that goes... You go to bed and think that your complexion has settled down and clear. But then, you wake up in the morning, look in the bathroom mirror and are greeted by fresh, new zits! If this sounds familiar, there are some things you can do about it. I believe dairy and some dietary drivers keep the acne switch on so the key is to get your diet in order. Stop, or significantly minimize, the amount of dairy you consume and try to eat a healthier diet. If you continue to suffer “dietary indiscretions” (my term for that bowl of ice cream late at night or that cheese burger with fries!), the inflammatory machine will keep running in the background. With the inflammatory switch on, miss a single face-wash before bed or forget to apply a pore-unclogging product, and Bam! Pimples!

Learn more about the science behind the dairy and acne relationship.

Diet and acne tips - How to Eat Your Way to Beauty and Health

To stop the frustration, and start to enjoy a clearer complexion on a regular basis, read my diet advice for controlling acne here. And if you want more in-depth dietary knowledge on solving inflammatory skin problems including: acne, seborrheic dermatitis, and rosacea, check out my free anti-inflammation diet ebook. This is the diet I try to live on because, thanks to my grandfather, I have the DNA for psoriasis and seborrhea.

My Skin Care Tips to Fight Acne

While you wait for your new, dietary changes to yield results, you can also prepare your skin to collaborate with your acne-fighting efforts. For example: Here is what your skin care would look like if I was in control:
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