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Foaming Zinc™ Cleanser has been discontinued. Almost all of its uses to remedy skin problems can be achieved with Calming Zinc Bar Soap.

Calming Zinc Bar Soap is a natural bar soap fortified with a full 2% pyrithione zinc just like Foaming Zinc. 2% is the maximal allowed strength of pyrithione zinc.

If you have come to this page to find Foaming Zinc Cleanser, we invite you to consider Calming Zinc Bar Soap. Calming Zinc Bar Soap works well as part of Dr. Bailey's skin care routines that address facial seborrhea, face and body acne from Pityrosporum folliculitis, beardruff and facial rosacea. Calming Zinc Bar Soap can even be used to cleanse scalp skin suffering from dandruff. As a natural soap, however, it may not lather well in a thick head of long hair. This is especially true if you shower with hard water. If scalp seborrhea treatment is was what you loved about Foaming Zinc, we are truly sorry.

Dr. Bailey has loved Foaming Zinc and used it for her own scalp care and in her practice for years. Foaming Zinc has a small niche of loyal fans. Unfortunately, as a small business, we are not able to continue to produce this product.

We invite you to please try Calming Zinc Bar Soap. It is extremely popular and works well for most all of the conditions Dr. Bailey has used Foaming Zinc to treat.

What people say about Calming Zinc Bar Soap:

It works

I purchased this soap because of a Curology consultation. Curology solutions are only for the face, not the body. Curology provided some recommendations for soap with 2% pyrithione zinc to help resolve my problem skin, specifically back acne, but they did not list Dr. Bailey's Calming Zinc soap as an option. A true miss! Fortunately, I found this product via Google search. I have used this soap for about 3 weeks now and I have noticed my back acne clear up and the skin on my back is a MUCH smoother texture. Nate H

Savior Suds

This has helped my severe seborrheic rash around my nose better than many previous prescription cleansers and topicals. And it isn't harsh! Hurray. Lynn D

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