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Dermatologist's Athlete's Foot Fungus tips

Dermatologist’s tips for how to soften rough feet and heels overnight.

Nothing spoils the look of a great pair of sandals more than cracked heels and scaly feet.

I’ve got a home remedy product combo that works wonders to whip rough feet into shape fast.

My patients know how much I love really stylish and nice shoes – sandals included. I want soft and smooth feet in my nice sandals. I also just love the feel of my feet when they are soft, hydrated and free from cracks, calluses and roughness.

Men and women are prone to thick and rough feet. I’ve seen it on skin exams for years. Nobody likes having rough feet, and the skin can get so thick that it hurts. One pedicure helps but consistent maintenance is required to keep feet skin soft and attractive through sandal season.

Why do you get rough skin on your feet?

The most common causes of cracked heels and scaly feet are:

1. Pressure and friction from wearing sandals and walking barefoot.

This is actually a natural protective response to rough use. Calluses are a natural protective thickening to specific areas of skin exposed to repeated pressure. The entire ball of the foot, lateral side of the foot, and heel can thicken with or without calluses.

2. Keratoderma climactericum

This is a change in foot skin secondary to the hormone changes of menopause.

3. Genetic conditions can lead to thick foot skin, too.

I’ve had all the reasons for rough feet so I’m a pro at this. As a dancer and athlete, I’ve been hard on my feet all my life. In addition, I’m genetically predisposed to dry skin, which leads to rough feet. And now,after menopause, nature conspires yet again to rough up my feet.

What is the best way to soften and smooth your feet?

I recommend a combination of steps:

  • chemical exfoliation using an exfoliating glycolic acid cream to leave on the skin, and
  • physical exfoliation with a pumice stone and foot file to remove hard dead scale built-up on your feet.

Follow these steps and you will reveal smoother skin below for baby soft feet.

It may take a few days of treatment to get the job done. You don’t want to treat too much all in one setting if your feet are really thick and rough. Restart treatment at the earliest sign of skin roughness.

best treatment for corns and calluses of the feet
Soft and Smooth Feet - Rough Skin Remover Kit

The best products are in my Soft Feet Rough Skin Remover Kit. The kit works great for both men and women. I combine the strongest exfoliating heel and elbow cream with the best pumice and the perfect foot file. I’ve used these products and routine for my own hard-working feet for years. They’ve helped countless people in my practice, too.

Learn about my Soft and Smooth Rough Foot Skin Remover Kit in my latest video. These are the ‘tools’ I personally depend on for my own hard working feet. Rough, cracked and scaly feet don’t have to ruin the look of a great pair of sandals this season!