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Skin Moisturizing Products

dermatologist approved skin moisturizing products

These are a dermatologist's 'chilly, breezy-freezy weather' skin care must-haves to fend off uncomfortable and unsightly dry skin.

Yep, it's dry skin season. It's just starting and you can 'head it off at the pass' by stocking-up now (and using) the right moisturizers. Forget the watery mass marketed lotions, tackle dry skin like a dermatologist and see the difference on your skin this year. Expect dry skin to start now because,

Chilly breezes outside and the furnace running inside spells head to toe dry skin without serious intervention. It's cozy........ and it's drying. I know what your skin needs and it's my therapeutic skin hydration essentials - stat! - Dermatologist Dr. Bailey

Start now with just what the doctor ordered to hydrate your face, lips, hands, body and feet and make it through ‘dry skin’ season sans dry skin.

Dr. Bailey's dry skin care moisturizer essentials:

  1. Daily Moisturizing Face Cream made with ceramides, squalane and hydrators like glycerin in a non-greasy and non-comedogenic cream perfect for all skin types.
  2. Omega Enriched Face Booster Oil made with therapeutic organic botanical oils. You can use alone or 'boost' the lipid content of your moisturizer by adding a few drops to a dollop of moisturizer every day. I blend it in my palm then apply to my face, neck, chest, hands and cuticles!
  3. Natural Face and Body Butter Cream and Natural Face Hand and Body Lotion: these are the easiest, smartest botanical moisturizers for head-to-toe use when you step out of the shower.
  4. Natural Lip Balm - avoid lip balm 'addiction' by avoiding lip balm allergens, yes, it's a thing. I've taken care of the details and you can trust that my lip balms are exactly right to prevent chapped lips.
  5. Dry Skin Hand Cream is a must for this time of year. Keep a tube by your kitchen sink and another by the bathroom sink. It's remarkable how essential this non-greasy hand cream becomes - trust me, once tried you won't look back at any other option.
I'm totally obsessed! It's deeply hydrating and makes my hands feel so incredibly soft. What I love most is that I've never found a hand cream before that is so completely non-greasy, I can't even tell I have it on. It's like wearing with weightless, invisible gloves. I can truly say, with confidence, that this is the best hand cream I've ever tried. P.J.

    Fend off dry skin with a dermatologist’s scientifically-based, patient-proven skin moisturizers; moisturizers free from notorious allergens and fragrance. Always cruelty free and made in the USA.

    Dr. B's Pro Tip: Apply moisturizer twice daily, especially after washing, to face, forearms, lower legs, hands and lips - at a minimum during this time of year! Use more often on hands and lips as needed to prevent dryness. 

    Sensitive Skin Natural Could be agitiating

    Sensitive Skin Natural Could be agitiating