UV Ray Detecto Ring

UV Ray Detecto Ring

You don't have to be in direct sunlight to get harmful sun exposure. Learn when you're exposed to harmful UV rays with my UV Ray Detecto Ring.

The Detecto-Ring consists of plastic UV sensing beads and a key ring. The white beads will turn color 50,000 times when exposed to UV-A or UV-B.

Sun detecting beads to know when you are UV ray exposed

Did you know that not all shade or clothing protects your skin from sun damage?

It's true! Test your exposure with the UV Detecto Ring and learn the surprising times when UV rays are present and your skin may be at risk. I recommend you place the ring on your key ring so it is always handy to check your UV exposure. What you learn may be startling! Two times that even I, a dermatologist, was surprised about my UV exposure were,

  • When my Detecto Ring turned intense color while I was sitting at an outdoor cafe in the complete shade of a tall building at 3 in the afternoon. Apparently, I was fully exposed to reflected light from the building across the street!
  • The time that I placed my ring in the pocket of a 1-year old sun protection shirt and it colored-up a little, meaning that the sun protection fabric was no longer protecting me as well as I thought.

Try it and see how well you know your sun exposure risks.

The Detecto-ring is a teaching tool and is not a medical device that can be used to guarantee sun safety.

What My Customers Say:

"Those little beads are fun. I popped them out and showed people and they said it's magic. I thought we would never get home. I was testing the dash board of the car, this window and that window. I even took them in the shower to see how much light comes through the window and there was some." 

"Those beads were fun and surprising. I was so surprised to see that in the full shade of a building how much sun there is. I thought shade protected you. I was also surprised and pleased that the gloves I use to work outside and drive the tractor didn't let the sun through; the beads stayed white when I put them under them and drove the tractor all day." 
Andrea B. 

One metal key ring and 5 UV sensing plastic beads.