Back Applicator

Back Applicator


14 inch long back applicator wand is great for applying body lotion to your back or other hard to reach places.

The Back Applicator is a great tool to apply lotion, sunscreen and acne medicines on the back. The simple design is easy to use, sturdy and lasts for years. I've tried many back applicators and this is the best - no gimmick bending and flimsy parts, just a nice, sturdy handle and great sponge.

The best solution for applying skin care products to the hard-to-reach mid back

Anyone with tight shoulders needs this Back Applicator. Apply lotion after the shower to fight dry skin and treat itchy back. Topical acne medicines and sunscreens are also tricky to apply to the back. This Back Applicator is the solution - a simple tool that almost everyone needs.

Apply product to the sponge and spread it and rub it into the skin of your back using the applicator. Keep the Back Applicator with its attached sponge in a clean place and you can reuse it many times. When the sponge finally becomes soiled, just replace the sponge, the handle will last for years.

14 inch plastic wand with sponge. Replacement sponges available