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Women's Sun Protection Bucket Hats
Women's Sun Protection Bucket Hats
Women's Sun Protection Bucket Hats
Women's Sun Protection Bucket Hats
Women's Sun Protection Bucket Hats
Women's Sun Protection Bucket Hats

Women's Sun Protection Bucket Hats


Lightweight, cool, and breathable cloth UPF 50 sun protection hats with scalp protection and a 4 1/2 inch full circumference brim that can be rolled and styled in many ways. Get in the habit of wearing this broad−brimmed hat along with your broad spectrum sunscreen − proven effective in the prevention of skin cancer and premature aging. Fits your head perfectly with its clever, adjustable inner brim cord. Highly packable too and makes a great gift!

Available Colors: : Chino, Olive, Denim, Coral, Fuchsia, Grape

Many hats give you a false sense of security. Don’t be fooled. Wearing an effective sun protection hat when you’re in the sun is just too important for your skin.

I want you and your family to be perfectly sun protected and that means having the right hats. Sun protection hats must have a full circumference brim of at least 3", completely cover the top of your scalp, and be made of UPF 50 material. You can trust my hats to give your skin the best sun protection.

Did you know that the skin on your head and neck combined is the number one area at risk for skin cancer? It’s also the area that shows the most sun damage, which includes wrinkles, age spots, irregular pigmentation, and thin skin. Whether it is cancer or sun damage that motivates you, I want you to become a "hat person". It’s just that important!

Dr. Bailey Wants You to Know
The 3 Essential Elements of a Dermatologist Recommended Sun Protection Hat

Your hat needs to protect you well from harmful UV rays. That means your hat must meet these 3 criteria:

1. Your sun hat needs a full−circumference brim that measures AT MINIMUM 3 inches to protect the average adult − and the bigger the better when it comes to the brim. Don’t − and I mean don’t - wear a hat with a smaller brim or that has a front bill only.

2. Your sun hat must be made from a material that prevents the passage of UV rays to your skin. Don’t be fooled − many woven straw hats and all mesh-topped hats, visors, and ball caps won’t give you enough protection. Wear only UPF 50 rated hats or hats that you absolutely cannot see any light through, such as leather hats. You can trust all of my UPF 50 hats to protect your skin well.

3. Your sun hat needs to cover the top of your scalp. Even if you have a lot of hair up there, I promise you that you have places on your scalp where the hair exposes your skin to the sun. Skin cancer of the scalp is all too common and you don’t want it, so be certain your sun hat leaves no scalp exposed.

Carefully Selected Sun Protection Hats for You

I want you to love and use your sun hats, so I’ve carefully selected ideal hats. I know these hats will provide the best sun protection for you and your family. Also, they are:

  • Convenient
  • Practical
  • Stylish
  • Economical

All of my hats are UPF 50 rated, meet the 3 essential sun hat criteria, and pack well. Your hat needs to take good care of your skin and I’ve made certain that these hats will.

In addition to the hats I sell, we have a wide selection of other UPF 50 hats available in our Sebastopol skin care store. If you live near Sebastopol, CA, please be sure to stop by during our medical practice hours to get your sun hats for this season.

Why can’t you pass up one (or more) of my sun protection hats?

Reason #1: My sun hats are good looking, practical, economical, and will serve you well.

  • They fit nicely and have either a bolero strap or an adjustable brim cord to secure them to your head
  • They aren’t fussy or inconvenient
  • They look good on almost everybody
  • You can pack them easily without hurting them
  • They’re available at a great price

Reason #2: You can never have too many trusty sun protection hats. And, you don’t want fussy sun hats that need to be babied. I recommend that you keep a hat handy wherever you go into the sun. I always keep a hat in my car and there's one by my kitchen door on the weekends. I even stuff a rolled one in my purse during warm weather.

Reason #3: You need the right hat for every outdoor activity that you do. For example, you need hard−working hats for sweaty/messy activities like gardening, hiking, golf, tennis, etc. You need fancy hats for dressy outdoor social events. You also need casual, good-looking hats for less dressy outdoor activities like farmers market shopping, picnicking, festivals, county fairs, and lolling about on vacation.

Reason #4: You need hats in different colors and textures to coordinate with different outfits. 
Yes, I want to make sure that you always have the right hat when you’re outside in the sun.

Why am I so pushy about hats?

Hats are that important for your sun protection − I see the results of sun damage every day in my dermatology office. I want you to wear hats. So I’ve shopped them for you; I’ve put them to the test and then I’ve priced them to be irresistible. I’ve picked the most practical and trustworthy hats that also look good on everyone. I’m on a mission to help you have healthy and attractive skin, which is why I’ve created professional, ’turnkey’ sun protection that you can trust.


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