Foot File

Foot File


The perfect compact foot file to control callouses and hard skin on your feet. This sturdy 2-sided professional file fits nicely into your hand for easy and convenient use. 

A really good foot file is indispensable for maintaining soft soles. It's normal to get callouses but they can hurt. Wearing sandals, going barefoot, jogging and other impact exercise will result in callouses. The aging process and genetics also play a role in how rough your feet are.

The problem with rough feet and callouses is that thick feet skin will snag fabric and can be painful when you walk on or press on the hard areas. Thick callouses are at risk for cracking and fissuring. Cracks are even more painful and can become infected.

Everyone over the age of 20 will get rough feet from time to time unless they have an effective routine for controlling the thick areas of skin that develop on their feet. That's where a really good foot file becomes indispensable - Dr. Bailey

The perfect file for rough feet

This is a sturdy, ergonomic to use, and highly effective foot file. If the skin on your feet is just a little thick and rough then simply filing your feet in the bath or shower with this sturdy foot file will help you keep your feet soft and prevent cracking and roughness. 

Made in the U.S.A. and always cruelty-free! 

Cruelty Free medical grade skin care

Soak feet in warm water for at least 5 minutes to soften skin. Use the rougher black side of the file to remove hard skin buildup to achieve the desired softness. Rinse file and foot periodically to remove flakes of skin. Finish with the finer grit on the brown side of the file to create a smooth surface. Apply moisturizer and socks after filing to help maintain soft skin. Repeat as often as necessary to maintain soft feet. Rinse file well after use to remove dead skin residue. Always allow file to dry completely between uses. 

If your foot skin is really thick, you may want to apply my Glycolic Acid Body Lotion as your moisturizer to control skin thickness and prevent cracking between filing. Be sure to always cover moisturized feet with socks to prevent slipping!

Multiuse 5.5 by 2.5-inch plastic double sided compact foot file with rough grit and smooth grit file surfaces.