Get ready for company!

Be that standout, unique, super smart host/hostess this holiday season with dermatologist's organic cleansers at every sink!

Stock the sinks and showers with 100% organic, hypoallergenic cleansers created by a dermatologist! Save everyone’s skin with my affordable, natural skin cleansers and save 20%. Prevent the spread of germs, dry skin, exposure to toxic phthalates, and messy soap dishes with one smart choice. And save! Here’s how:

  1. Lavender Foaming Hand Soap Pump Dispenser at every bathroom and kitchen sink.
  2. Organic Shower Gel Pump Dispenser in every bath and shower.
  3. Organic and non-toxic home cleaners that make clean-up easy without toxic phthalates that accumulate in cozy homes closed tight against winter’s cold.

Here’s the deal:

You know that frequent hand washing is important to prevent colds and flus. But it dries out hand skin unless you use my smart, natural, easy-rinse Foaming Hand Soap. Don’t forget to keep it at the kitchen sink because dish soap is NOT hand soap – it’s the classic start to the cycle that leads to chapped hands.

Say no to phthalates! Did you know that many body washes, shower gels and home cleaners contain phthalates – chemicals known to be hormone disruptors and toxic to aquatic ecosystems after washing down your drain. It’s true. Phthalates are hidden unlisted components of artificial fragrance. They are common! Keep them out of your house with my Organic Shower Gel and Home Cleaners.

I’m such an anti-phthalate advocate that when you purchase my phthalate-free spray cleaner, I’ll give you the concentrate free! Trust me to cover the details – organic cleansers that are easy on skin, non-toxic to indoor home air, and smart choices this holiday season.

And, give TLC to your own facial skin this winter by adding one of my Face Oils to your routine. Prevent dryness and chapping before it happens. Apply my hypoallergenic and healing face oil to your skin directly or boost your favorite facial moisturizer with a few drops to prevent and heal dry facial skin.

Sensitive Skin Natural Could be agitiating

Sensitive Skin Natural Could be agitiating