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Pre-Spring Skin Care To Do List

Spring Skin Care To Do List

Spring skin care to do list is an important seasonal transition. You need to get your skin care ready for more quality time outdoors without collecting sun damage as a sunny season souvenir. Dry winter weather gives way to gentle and more humid spring and summer weather. It's time to switch up your skin care so that your skin feels good, looks good and is well protected from UV and environmental stressors.  

Get Ready for the Season with these Tips from the Dermatologist

With spring comes a sense of lightness, emergence and awakening. It is time to swap-out your wardrobe – and your skin care and self-care. As days brighten and sunlight time lengthens, activities and skin care naturally transition, too. This year, make the transition mindfully.

Here’s your skin care to-do list from the dermatologist! It’s a three-week program to transition you and your skin gently into spring mindfully, fully ready to awaken to this glorious new season.

1. Get serious about sunscreen.

You’ll be outdoors more. Be sure you are using an SPF 30+ broad spectrum zinc oxide product. I’ve been extolling the superiority of zinc oxide for years, and now the FDA is coming around too. My top picks, trusted and patient-proven are Suntegrity 5 in 1 BB Cream for dry to normal complexions, Sheer Strength Pure Physical SPF 50+ in three options: Matte Tinted for oily to normal complexions, Invisible for all complexions and Spray for all complexions and hairy skin. Suntegrity Sensitive Skin is great for kids and the entire family.

2. Loosen up your body and spirit with yoga.

Stretch, unblock held tension, bend and yield to more physical activity. Like a bear rising from hibernation, our bodies have an awakening too as weather warms and physical activities increase. Find a nice yoga studio and make a commitment to attend classes this spring - starting now. Trust me on this, it really works. I’m upping my yoga now, easing my body through the last days of winter, ready for spring warmth.

3. Exfoliate

Help dead cells release to reveal fresh and dewy new skin. Skin almost hibernates in winters dry, dehumidified air. Elbows roughen, shins and arms flake and hands feel like sandpaper. Facial skin becomes dull, too.

Slough dead cell build-up and find a freshness to your complexion. Use my Triple Action Exfoliating Cleanser from head to toe. Consider my Ultra-Fast Body Smoothing Kit for your body, arm and leg skin that’s about to enjoy lighter weight fashions. Try my Bamboo and Clay Thermal Exfoliating Scrub if you want a more vigorous facial exfoliation.

I personally love spring exfoliation! Skin is our body’s biggest organ and we really can spring clean it to a buffed and soft luster with exfoliation. I tackle my feet too with my Soft and Smooth Feet - Rough Skin Remover Kit.

Get your skin ready for a great season ahead and learn more about these products starting here.