Mr. Pumice Pumi Bar
Mr. Pumice Pumi Bar, Color May Vary

Mr. Pumice Pumi Bar


Smooth away large callouses and thick heel skin with this man-made pumice bar. 

Rough foot skin builds up due to friction and age. It can become painful and unsightly, snag stockings and crack into painful fissures that are a risk for infection. Control it by filing the areas prone to buildup. 

Filing rough foot skin is similar to sanding wood - surprising but true! Start with something course and efficient and finish with a finer grit. I like to use this man-made pumice bar and then move to a finer grit foot file. 

Mr. Pumi is an industry standard since 2000.

This Extra-Coarse grit bar is long lasting. Use it on tough callouses and hard skin to maintain soft and smooth feet.

Wash your feet well with soap and water then soak your feet for 5 or 10 minutes in warm water or take a bath or shower. While wet, buff off excess callused or thickened rough foot skin with your Mr. Pumi Bar. Be careful not to buff into tender skin. Finish with the Professional Foot File to give a final, smooth, and soft surface to your feet.

Repeat daily until your skin is soft then as needed to maintain healthy soft foot skin. The bar is reusable but should not be shared; each person should have their own bar. Allow bar to dry entirely between uses. 

Extra-coarse grit man-made synthetic pumice bar. Each bar is 0.16 oz. measuring 5"x 2"x 2". Comes in various colors.