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Best Diet to Fight Your Skin Problems

Build healthy skin from the inside out with a diet that’s also good for your entire body. In my dermatology medical practice, I treat skin problems like acne, rosacea, psoriasis, dandruff, people with multiple skin cancers, eczema and many other skin problems.  An important common denominator to these skin problems is inflammation and the resulting immune dysregulation because of it. Your diet can fight or fuel inflammation - which means that your diet can support or fight your skin problems.

How is your diet helping or hurting your skin?

It’s no surprise that skin, your body’s biggest organ, behaves like the rest of your body when it comes to health and disease. The dietary connection to diseases like diabetes, heart disease, arthritis and other common diseases is well established. Now, the connection between those diseases and skin problems like psoriasis is well established too. For years I’ve been writing about the connection between your diet and your skin’s health.  I’m one of the first dermatologists to go out on a public limb and claim a connection between skin problems and diet. I couldn’t feel good about writing prescriptions for medicines that have side effects if I wasn’t also teaching my patients about how they could make diet and lifestyle choices that would help heal their skin - so they could get off of those same prescriptions.

What is your skin problem? What topics do you want to learn more about?

My Alkaline Food Diet Guide has all of my diet recommendations. It also has my Alkaline Food Pyramid which you can use as an easy guide. Yes, the Alkaline Diet is still controversial in some medical circles – and I’m waiting and waiting for that to settle down. By my research and analysis the evidence is clear: a diet full of processed foods, refined carbs, and animal products leads to acidic body pH, especially with age because the kidneys can’t remove it all as we get older.  The kidneys ‘borrow’ what they need from your muscles to regulate body pH, making you lose muscle mass. The entirety of what is going on also leads to inflammation - with resulting health and skin problems. The bottom line - it gets bad and it all starts with diet.

Download my free Healthy Eating Guide ebook to learn more.

In my ebook you can see my references and guide your food choices with my Alkaline Food Pyramid for Healthy Skin. Health isn’t about how much you eat, it’s about WHAT you eat Learn about the specific connection to psoriasis here. Learn about the specific connection to acne here. Learn about my recommendations for rosacea here and here. Learn about how to get a broad range of probiotic rich foods every day to support your overall health here. We are what we eat – for better or worse. Make it better!    

What diet and skin connections have you noticed? Join the conversation and also receive early access to store promotions!

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