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Men's Fall and Winter Grooming Tips: Face and Scalp Dandruff

face and scalp dandruff of Man applying moisturizer on face Your skin changes with the seasons, which means that your skin care needs to as well. Have you noticed facial and scalp "dryness" in fall and winter? It's really common to have flaky face and scalp skin as the winter sets in.
What you may not know is that the flaking of your skin may not be due to dryness. More likely it's due to a rash called seborrheic dermatitis.
The more common name for seborrhea is dandruff. Face and scalp dandruff affects both men and women of all ages. In my dermatology practice, I see many men who suffer from dandruff. They are often in the office for other skin concerns and I find the skin problem during their exam. When I mention the dandruff and give them advice, I'm struck by how appreciative they are; many men suffer the embarrassment in silence and frustration. They have flakes in their beard, scalp, or ears and even may have redness and scale around their nose or in their brows. Because the flakes look "dry" they reach for moisturizers to remedy the problem, but without success. Seborrhea is worse in the winter, so be prepared. Even the most impeccably groomed man can’t control the fall and winter flare up of seborrhea with normal grooming products. I have two simple fixes that control it beautifully and that are easily added to a man’s grooming routine. Whether you are a man who has been suffering from seborrhea or you love a man who has, add these products to your skin care routine now and prevent the seasonal embarrassment of flaky skin.

Remedy for Facial Skin Flaking and Redness:

Best skin care products for Facial redness reliefMy Facial Redness Relief Kit fights facial flaking with medicated pyrithione zinc in the Calming Zinc Soap. Pyrithione zinc is an ingredient known to help control dandruff. Wash with Calming Zinc soap once or twice a day.  Apply the Green Tea Cream to sooth facial redness from dandruff after washing. You can apply moisturizer, sunscreen or any other skin care product on top. The Green Tea Cream is light in texture and feels great even on the oiliest complexions. Even the most "skin care low maintenance" men love my Facial Redness Relief Kit products when they see how great their skin feels and looks.
"I have become a complete believer in your methods..." “My little sister introduced me to your products this summer. I have become a complete believer in your methods, your products, and your integrity. Thank you for offering real help with the facial redness relief kit! My confidence and outlook is so much better than it was”. PK

Remedy for Flaking of the Scalp:

My Foaming Zinc Cleanser and my Perfect Scalp Scrubber help to control scalp flaking. foaming zinc cleanser for face and scalp dandruff plastic scalp scrubber brush for face and scalp dandruff The Foaming Zinc Cleanser is an excellent shampoo, so it's a one-step control for scalp scale. Scrub the shampoo foam into your scalp with the scrubber to help lift dandruff off so that your scalp rinses scale-free. As a HUGE side benefit, a good scrub with that scalp scrubber feels amazing in the shower with warm shampoo and water running down your scalp - it's a simple pleasure not to be missed.

I love that Shampoo of yours."

It is the first shampoo I ever used that settled my itchy scaly scalp. I love it and I’m going to buy 3 bottles today. I started using it on my itchy ears and it started working and it settled the itch down and then I saw the immediate results. I’ve bought Heads and S, T gel, Sol sun hive and your shampoo just does it.”  MW
For really stubborn seborrhea on the face, scalp, ears, and even the chest and back, see my full original post series on seborrhea. The post series outlines for you my detailed second and third line treatment recommendations. Click here to see the full series on seborrheic dermatitis aka dandruff. Yes talking about seborrhea isn't a “sexy” grooming tip, but controlling face and scalp dandruff is!         Face and Scalp Dandruff Photo Attribution and Thanks to © Wavebreak Media LTD/LightWave/Corbis