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skin care products for a sunny winter getaway

Essential Skin Care Products For A Sunny Winter Getaway

What are the best skin care products for a sunny winter vacation? Do you usually bring sun damaged skin back as a winter vacation souvenir? As a dermatologist I'm determined to protect my skin from the sun and I just came back from a warm and sunny winter getaway.

There’s a lot of peer pressure to show off a tan when you're fortunate enough to getaway from cold weather for a while-but it's a bad idea!  In my dermatology practice I see some of the worst sun damaged skin on my patients who seasonally follow the sun. Don't let this happen to you.  The next time you fly south to escape the cold, be prepared to take good care of your skin.  Pack the right skin care products and sun protective clothing and resist the temptation to come home with a tan.

What's in a dermatologist's cosmetic bag on a sunny winter getaway

    Mineral Sunscreens:  I packed my trusty mineral sun protection products which are my Sheer Strength Pure Physical Sunscreens. 
    best mineral sunscreens

      Antioxidant Facial Skin Care Products:  Antioxidants help minimize damage from the sun’s rays by neutralize DNA damaging free radicals that form when sun impacts skin.  The most effective antioxidant skin care products, in my opinion, contain green tea Green Tea Antioxidant Skin Therapy  and high concentration vitamin C products. Get them both in my SunSavvy Antioxidant Backup for Your Sun Protection Kit. 

      best antioxidants to protect skin from damage
      Sunless Tanner.  My favorite is Avene Self Tanning Lotion.  Peer pressure for a tan is intense and a sunless tanner helps give a little bronze glow to skin so that I don't look so out of place on a tropical vacation.  It’s so much smarter to get skin color from a sunless tanner than a sun tan.

      Facial Moisturizer I trust:  I always use Daily Moisturizing Face Cream for Dry to Normal Skin on the areas of my facial skin that run a little dry.  It works nicely with my sunscreens and is compatible with the antioxidant products. I don't like to use the hotel products on my face because my skin is sensitive.

      What sun protective clothing does a dermatologist bring for a cruise vacation with intense sun exposure?

      1. Coolibar sun protective swim wear and clothing:  I packed my Coolibar swim tights and swim shirt and a range of sun shirts.
      2. Broad Brimmed Hat:  I sell sun hats and so I have a great collection.  I always have the right hat for play, dress up etc.  Always chose a full 3 to 5 inch brim hat that has complete scalp protection. On a trip make sure your hats are packable. Click here to see my sun hats and other sun protection products.
      3. Collapsible Sun Umbrella:  This trip I brought my Coolibar umbrella that doubles as a rain umbrella.  Believe me, it’s a lot cooler under an umbrella that standing in the direct sun.
      I think packing for any trip is tricky but when you're going on a sunny vacation, be sure you bring everything you need to protect your skin.  Don't bring home wrinkles and a lifetime's supply of skin cancers that will keep you well acquainted with your dermatologist.