How to Prevent Seasonal Winter Acne

Prevent seasonal winter acne

Prevent seasonal winter acne by using the right acne treatment skin care products and avoiding acne-trigger foods ASAP! Yes, you are not imagining it - acne problems get worse in winter compared to summer and fall for both men and women. A medical study conducted at the Massachusetts General Hospital confirmed it. Take steps now to prevent and stop this seasonal acne flare. 

Why do I get acne in the winter?

We don’t know for certain why this happens but theories include:

  1. Less outdoor activity and sun exposure leading to increased skin inflammation.
  2. Greater dietary acne triggers are often eaten as traditional treats during the holiday season including high glycemic foods (processed high sugar foods and refined carbs in baked goods) and dairy foods (eggnog anyone??).  

Why is my acne so bad in winter?

why is my acne so bad in winter

The convergence of dietary triggers, less outdoor activity and less UV sun exposure probably play a role. Beyond expecting acne to worsen in winter, we are not certain exactly what drives this seasonal acne flare.

We know from a clinical study that stress can trigger acne, Many people find the holidays stressful. They often coincide with end of year academic examinations and these are known to trigger acne in students. . 

Acne causing bacteria are more numerous in the pores of people with seasonal winter acne. This may relate to the immune changes in the skin due to less sun exposure - or it may be due to something we don't yes understand.

Sebum does not increase in winter, though teens with acne often have overall greater sebum production than teens who don't have acne. Skin dryness, as measured by Trans Epidermal Water Loss (TEWL) is worse in winter for those with and without acne, making moisturizing skin important - and tricky for you if you struggle with seasonal winter acne! 

How do I stop seasonal acne? 

How do I stop winter acne, best treatment

Start a good acne treating skin care routine STAT to stop the seasonal winter acne flare; use acne medicines in a routine that fights winter skin dryness. My Ultimate Acne Solutions Kit combines the top acne treatment medicines with an acne-friendly moisturizer to stop acne fast. This is professional acne treatment without a trip to the dermatologist because:

  • Benzoyl peroxide treats the acne causing bacteria known to grow more abundantly in winter for those who suffer acne.  
  • Maximal strength salicylic acid helps to penetrate deeply into pores and break up blackheads that lead to pimples. 

I've done the work and created the routine for you as a dermatologist; these are compatible, synergistic and dermatologist-approved medicated acne treatment products at the right dosage to get results fast. You can't get better without a prescription. And, I've selected the best acne-friendly facial moisturizer to address the skin dryness and increased TEWL present in winter so that your skin resists becoming dry and irritated during winter's chilly weather. 

How can I prevent acne in winter?

I recommend taking an "all of the above" approach to preventing winter acne:

  1. how to prevent winter seasonal acne with diet
    Use the right skin care - I've done the work for you with my Ultimate Acne Solutions Kit.
  2. Avoid acne-triggering foods such as dairy and high sugar refined carbs. Grab fruit, savory whole foods like soup, stew and veggies over that burger, fries and milkshake!
  3. Try to reduce stress to prevent acne. Yes, you can't skip exams but you can focus on a good night's sleep, carving out time for yoga or a walk in nature, saying 'no' to overextending yourself with holiday shopping and parties - whatever you know helps you to reduce your stress level becomes important as winter conspires to raise havoc with your complexion.

What's the bottom line with Seasonal Winter Acne?

How do I stop winter acne, best treatment
Circle your self-care wagons to fight acne while you start a dermatologist-developed skin care routine that specifically targets the causes of acne at the skin level. My Ultimate Acne Solutions Kit does that for you.