Millennial Skin Care: The Best Skin Care in Your 30s


Millennial skin care tips from a dermatologist's daughter - see what a dermatologist’s daughter uses in her 30s to keep her skin healthy and looking great. A lot of people ask about what is the best skin care in your 30s?

Misha, the daughter of award-winning dermatologist and skin care expert Dr. Cynthia Bailey has a simple, efficient routine that works really well for her complexion. Millennial skin care is a hot topic and Misha, a busy Millennial, tells you about the products she uses. Spoiler alert, when we filmed this video, Misha was newly pregnant! I'm now a grandmother!! Misha would have mentioned using retinol an night but she knew she might be pregnant and has switched to glycolic acid. Now, Misha the mom is back on the retinol!

What is the best skin care for Millennials in their 30s?

If your mom was a dermatologist and you had access to all the best products and skin wellness information you wanted, what would you use?

In this video that we filmed in 2018, Misha talks about her routine and why she uses the products that she does. I invite you to meet my lovely daughter and learn how her routine keeps her complexion looking great and why she loves the products that she uses every day. You will see that some of our product containers have changed!

As a mother, I’m super proud of my Millennial daughter. She has grown to be a wise and thoughtful young woman - and now an awesome mother! The mom and dermatologist in me is also comforted that Misha has taken good care of her skin over the years. I have given her abundant advice on the subject over her 34 (and now more) years. She hasn’t taken all of it (on any subject actually!) but she has incorporated some really important bits.

Millennial's do things differently than we Baby Boomers do. This includes how they make their personal care decisions regarding their skin care choices. I hope that sharing what Misha has decided is interesting to people in their 30s as well as to their parents in my generation.

See how a dermatologist's daughter has built a powerful skin care routine that fits her priorities and values, and that helps to control her skin problems.

Misha's routine also works really well to resist the signs of skin aging. She grew up enjoying outdoor life in the strong California sun, which is a challenge for any complexion. Her skin care choices are working well to keep her skin youthful, healthy and attractive.

In our video interview, Misha shares that she prefers natural products and a minimalist lifestyle.

Misha's targeted routine focuses on 3 goals:

  1. anti-aging skin care,
  2. prevention of sun damage, and
  3. control of her skin problems.

Like many Millennials in their 30s, Misha's biggest complexion challenges are:

Misha has been concerned about the early signs of sun damage on her skin, which she has noticed as crow’s feet. As a dermatologist I know that crow’s feet are often the earliest signs of sun damage in the 30s. The early sign of fine lines and wrinkles around her eyes was Misha’s first motivation for adding products that stimulate collagen renewal to fight the signs of skin aging. She used my Retinol Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream until she wanted to become pregnant when she switched to Glycolic Acid. She is back on both now. 


As a dermatologist I know that your skin care needs to change and evolve with you as you as you age.

Cynthia Bailey, MD

The best skin care products for Millennials in their 30s is different from what’s best in your teens, 20s or 40s.

This has been true for Misha. She says,

My skin care routine has evolved in the last couple years both as I have grown a little more responsible and as I have been able to incorporate Mom's advice into what I do. As you probably know, Mom’s website has so much information and reading it has definitely changed my skin care routine. Misha Bailey, 34-year-old daughter of Dr. Cynthia Bailey

As Misha’s mom, I know that her interest in skin care has increased as she has gotten older. She was fortunate to have pretty undemanding skin in her teens and 20s. Even undemanding skin requires more attention as we age.

What does the 34-year-old daughter of a dermatologist use for her skin care routine?

Facial Skin Care Routine

Naturally Best Bar Soap for millennial skin cleansing in your 30s
best night skin care routine for premature skin aging

Bedtime skin care routine:

Misha washes most nights with a Clarisonic Brush and the Naturally Best Bar Soap – when she is not feeling too lazy. Then she wipes her skin with the Naturally Hydrating Pore Minimizing Toner. She says, 

I love that toner because it feels really good and cleansing on my skin and the rosewater smells great. I also love it because it is not-toxic, and I am sort of a hippy. - Misha

best natural and soothing pore shrinking toner

After cleansing, Misha applies both the Green Tea Antioxidant Skin Therapy and the Glycolic Acid 15% Face CreamWhen not pregnant, Misha actually uses the Retinol Night Cream sometimes topped with the Glycolic Acid. These products help to fight the signs of skin aging. The green tea antioxidants help control Misha’s tendency for red and flakey facial skin secondary to seborrhea. She does not apply the Glycolic Acid around her nose and just uses the Green Tea there.  

day millennial antiaging and redness skin care routine

Morning skin care routine:

best way to get glowing skin in your 30s and pregnant

In the morning Misha washes with the Naturally Best Bar Soap and a Facial Exfoliating Sponge or just splashes her face with water (which her dermatologist mom agrees is fine!). 

After cleansing, Misha applies the Instantly Luminous Serum and the Green Tea Antioxidant Cream. These are such popular and well loved products that I created my Layered Up Besties bundle with the two. 

One of her other favorite things about this skin care routine is how great her skin feels after the Luminous Serum and Green Tea.

Sometimes she applies the Natural Face and Body Lotion on top of these products. She always uses the Sheer Strength Pure Physical Tinted SPF 30 Sunscreen (Derm-Mom is thrilled!).





My Dermatologist’s analysis of Misha’s millennial facial skin care routine

Her skin care routine is perfect for a Millennial in their 30s:

  • it includes products that cleanse and exfoliate, and that also fit her skin type and product preferences for natural ingredients,
  • she uses the best antioxidant for skin care (green tea) to correct any depletion of her skin's antioxidant reserve,
  • she uses powerful actives that stimulate collagen renewal to correct the signs of skin aging (glycolic acid and/or retinol or Retin-A),
  • she uses a natural skin moisturizer to hydrate her skin to maintain a healthy skin barrier,
  • she uses the best quality broad spectrum zinc oxide sunscreen every day to protect her skin from sun damage,
  • she has combined the best of professional grade cosmeceutical actives with products that have organic botanical ingredients and/or natural formulations. 
millennial skin care in your 30s

Misha has built a routine that is a great example of the best skin care in your 30s. Her routine is targeted, efficient and powerful! It is also a Dr. Bailey Complete Skin Care Routine capable of achieving maximal results - her products cover all the physiologic needs of healthy skin including CLEANSE, CORRECT, HYDRATE, PROTECT.

Millennial Body Skin Care for Keratosis Pilaris

Misha has used the same shower routine for years because it works so well to fight keratosis pilaris. In fact, she "swears by it"! She exfoliates and cleanses her body skin with the Salux Cloth and the Glycolic Acid Body Wash. After toweling dry she applies the Glycolic Acid Body Lotion to her arms and legs and uses the Natural Face and Body Lotion on the rest of her body skin. All of the exfoliating body products are available in my Ultra-fast Triple Action Body Smoothing AHA Kit.

best skin care to fight keratosis pilaris chicken skin in your 30s

Misha sun protects her body skin too, which is important to fight skin aging on her neck, chest arms and legs! She knows from me that sun damage on those areas of the skin are really hard to reverse; prevention of body skin sun damage is important! Misha applies a really good broad spectrum zinc oxide sunscreen on all of her exposed body skin.

On the average day she applies the Sheer Strength Pure Physical SPF 50+ Spray Sunscreen to her neck, chest and the back of her hands. She uses it for swimming or sweating outdoors because it's water resistant. You will notice in the video that she mentioned Solbar Zinc. We used that in my practice and at home for years and have replaced it with the new and chemical UV filter free Sheer Strength. Solbar was a good SPF but contains chemical we can now avoid thanks to improved sunscreen technologic advances! Our Sheer Strength SPFs are reef-safe and pure mineral yet transparent on your skin. 

best zinc oxide sunscreen water resistant in your 30s 

Millennial Skin Care the Works!

How does Misha know her skin care is critical for her skin to look and feel good? Misha says that

When I run out of a product like the Green Tea or the Glycolic Acid Body Lotion, or I get lazy and slack off on scrubbing with the Salux Cloth and Glycolic Acid Wash in the shower, I really notice my skin problems come back…I also notice that when I get lazy with the Clarisonic Brush and don’t use the toner my facial pores become more noticeable.- Misha, Dr. Bailey's daughter

This is a good way to test your skin care. Take occasional ‘use holidays’ – either intentionally or unintentionally. See how your skin looks and feels. It’s a good way to know if it’s time to make some changes in your skin care routine. Your skin, like your life in general, evolves over time. What works yesterday may need to be reevaluated tomorrow. Like Misha, you can create a routine for the best skin care in your 30s.

Misha is lucky because she has pretty good skin overall, but we all want the best skin we can have. Her routine is working well and her Mom is proud of her! As her mom, I know that her use of anti-aging products, antioxidants and sunscreen has evolved as she has passed into her 30s. Misha has also had only a few sunburns in her life and Mom is super proud of that too!!

I want to point out that Misha also has evolved the quality of the daily sunscreen that she uses as technology has created even better broad spectrum zinc oxide products. The Sheer Strength Pure Physical Sunscreens are the best and most current technology today. They are elegant, invisible, and weightless pure zinc oxide products that give over SPF 50 protection. They are also oil free and won't clog pores or trigger acne. Misha’s transition to them makes her routine easier to use and give her skin the best anti-aging protection from sun damage.

This was fun for mom - thank you Misha!!