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dermatologist's natural health advice for your skin

Dermatologist’s Natural Health Advice for Your Skin

Dermatologist's natural health advice for your skin was rarely discussed in exam room when you saw your dermatologist. It is becoming a more common topic in recent years, partly because we are finally learning the link between skin and overall lifestyle and health. I've always known that taking good care of your body and mind is essential to having beautiful skin. For most of us, our skin is a good barometer of our general health and well-being. Over the next series of blog posts, I'm going give you my tips for improving your health and having healthy skin naturally with simple diet and lifestyle changes.

Of course, we all know a lucky few who manage to look great without taking good care of themselves; living in the adrenaline rush of chronic stress, sleep deprived partying night after night, living on junk food and cigarettes. For most of us however, we show our wear and tear on our skin with dark circles and bags under our eyes, sallow complexion, acne, worsening of rashes like rosacea, seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis etc.

dermatologist's natural health advice for your skin

There's a connection between healthy looks and healthy living and I've been interested in it since I was 15. For me, the ‘aha moment’ was people watching in the check-out line at my home town Lucky’s supermarket. I could match the person to the stuff in their grocery shopping cart; folks pushing carts full of junk food had dull complexions and didn’t look as vivacious as people pushing carts filled with fresh foods. I didn’t want that for myself and I’ve been a ‘health food nut’ ever since.

I now know that it's not just diet, but it's lifestyle as a whole that impacts your health and beauty. To me this means exercise, diet, stress management, and how we choose to spend our time. Patient after patient I see that taking good care of our body and mind ultimately leads to healthier, more beautiful skin naturally.

Over my many years in medicine and practicing dermatology, I’ve paid special attention to any new information on the mind/body/nutrition/exercise connection to beauty and natural skin health. Most health kicks (both mainstream and alternative) come and go, but some have endured and proven their value. I’ve integrated them into the natural health recommendations I give my patients and the health practices I use myself.

I’m going to give you my natural skin health recommendations in my blog series on ‘Dermatologist’s Natural Health Advice for Your Skin’. I’ll cover:

dermatologist's natural health advice for your skin

1. My nutritional recommendations for healthy skin,
2. My vitamin recommendations for healthy skin
3. My probiotic recommendations for healthy skin and for people who use antibiotics

Plus, my observations and opinions on

1. Exercise and beautiful skin,
2. Stress and healthy skin
3. Random natural health topics unrelated to the skin like inflammation and cow dairy products, gluten and your bone calcium, turmeric and cancer, etc.

dermatologist's natural health advice for great skin

Find my natural health and diet tips by clicking the Diet and Natural Health title to the right of this post. This will take you to all the articles I have tagged with this topic. 

Please recognize that my blog content on the topic of Natural Skin Health will be based on my experience, and not necessarily based on rigorous western scientific study. These are just my opinions and observations collected from my experience and the experiences of my patients, as well as my sifting through the health trends I’ve witnessed over the past 35 years. I hope that some of what I find useful will be useful for you too.