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bath tub spa treatment

DIY Spa Skin Treatments You Can Do At Home

bath tub spa treatmentI'm a dermatologist so I know the secrets that make spa beauty treatments work - and believe me, I do them myself at home for a fraction of the cost. I'm personally in the mood for some spa TLC right now, and am going to run a little series to share with you my favorite home spa treatments.  I make it my business to try spa treatments when I'm on vacation.  My DIY treatments are adaptations from the treatment menus of some really great resort spas.  They're dermatologically therapeutic for our skin, hair and nails and we can do them at home anytime we need a little 'SPA-brain'. With my favorite DIY home spa treatments, you can get expensive spa results at home because you know what the key steps are.  You probably even have some of what you need already in your bathroom cabinet or kitchen.  Add a few more things, create a relaxing ambiance,  and you're ready to make these simple DIY health and wellness spa treatments a part of your regular skin care routine, no expensive spa bill needed.  Combine them all for one of those giant spa packages that you always dream about doing but don't want to spring for!

Treatment #1,  DIY Exfoliating and Deeply Hydrating Body Treatment

Step 1:  'Taking the Waters' Turn your home bathtub into a therapeutic soaking tub just like at a spa.  Make it both luxuriously relaxing and deeply hydrating. First, prepare your ambiance by lighting a candle and turning off the electric lighting.  Put on soothing music and tell the rest of the household not to disturb you. Then begin filling your tub.  Use warm water and a handful of Epsom salts for your soak.  Add a few drops of lavender essence for de-stressing aroma therapy, it works and these two additions are the most important elements of most spa soaking tubs.  You can add a tablespoon of oil too to hydrate your skin while you soak.  We do this all the time for dermatologic skin therapy.  Use your favorite body oil, mineral oil or even one of the oils you cook with and that are undoubtedly in your kitchen.  Yes, canola oil, olive oil, peanut oil all show up in natural skin care products and they're good for your skin. Soak for at least 5 minutes and preferably 15 minutes or more in your therapeutic waters and breath in the rising lavender steam.  (Remember, if you add oil to the tub it will be slippery, so be careful!) Step 2:  DIY Total Body Exfoliating Scrub Treatment Exfoliating makes your skin soft. When you have an exfoliating scrub treatment at a spa all they're doing is massaging your skin with a rough scrub and a luffa sponge or rough shower mitts.  You can do this in the tub and get the same results (yes it's nicer to have the spa technician do this for you, but you'll still get a great exfoliation this way too). Exfoliate your body and feet after you've soaked for at least 5 minutes.  Your skin will be soft and ready for exfoliation.  You'll have velvety, spa-soft skin that lasts for days or even longer after your treatment. Exfoliate your feet using a pumice or foot file to remove rough skin.  Massage your body skin with a luffa sponge, exfoliating shower mitts or shower sponge and a little of your favorite body cleanser for slip and glide over your skin.  Or use an exfoliating body scrub. Spend a little extra time on your elbows, knees and ankles where dead skin really builds up.  I personally use my Salux Cloth with Glytone Body Wash, both of which come in my Anti-Aging Body Kit. Dermatologist's products for anti-aging body skin care Step 3:  Holding On To All That Spa Goodness When you feel ready step out of the tub, pat your skin dry and trap all that goodness into your skin with your favorite skin moisturizer or body oil.  Add a drop of lavender essence to your oil or moisturizer to continue the soothing aroma therapy benefits of lavender.  Deeply hydrating oil or moisturizer options include jojoba oil, extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil (you may want to warm this first since it may be solid at room temp).  I personally use either jojoba oil or the Glytone Body Lotion that's in my Anti-Aging Body Kit for all the anti-aging benefits of glycolic acid. This is a hydrating, restorative spa treatment that will unwind your nerves and leave your skin looking and feeling like you spent a small fortune at a spa!  It incorporates the essential steps of key body treatment services that are on treatments menus from some really great resort spas.  You'll have the polished and hydrated skin of the 'rich and famous' 24/7/365 if you do this treatment once a week at home. Check back for the rest of my DIY home spa treatments: Next I'll give you step by step instructions for how to add:
  1. A mini-facial
  2. Deeply hydrating hand therapy
  3. Deeply hydrating scalp and hair therapy
Add them all to your tub treatment for that big spa package you've always wanted to do but couldn't quite justify financially!


Photo:  Thanks and Gratitude to Dennis Wong and Luz A Villa