Dermatologist’s Top Skin Care Tips Simplified

Dermatologist's top skin care tips for Millennial men and women simplified

See my son’s summary of the dermatologist's top skin care tips he learned growing up with a dermatologist mom. In our latest YouTube video Frank distills down what he has heard his skin expert mom say for over 30 years – and the proof is evident in his complexion, he’s done a good job taking care of his skin. As a mom, I’m grateful that there was no ‘arm wrestling’ needed on my part. Frank soaked it up in his own way and at his own rate and his skin care is great.

What are the top skin care tips everyone needs to know in their 20s and 30s?

Frank did not get his great complexion by luck. He has had to work at it like most of us. As a teen he struggled with acne vulgaris and he used my Ultimate Solutions Kit. He also had ‘fungal’ acne called Pityrosporum folliculitis and he kept his skin clear with my Back Acne Kit. He asked for my skin care tips and advice when he wanted it and I joyously gave it!

Dermatologist's skin care tips for men with sensitive skin.

Everyone on both sides of Frank's family (my husband’s and mine) has sensitive skin. We are atopics, meaning people prone to allergies, keratosis pilaris and ichthyosis vulgaris. Frank has KP (keratosis pilaris) and has used glycolic acid after scrubbing his arms with the back acne kit. It helps. Basically, we have high maintenance skin and it takes good skin care to have good skin for folks like us.

How can you tell if your 'kids' are wearing sunscreen and protecting their skin from sun damage?

Growing up with a dermatologist mom, Frank had to learn to sun protect his skin enough that mom did not see a tan or sunburn! He admits that he did not wear sunscreen every day – as instructed – but mom can attest that whatever he was doing (seeking the shade, sun avoidance, wearing a hat – who knows with teens) it was working. I know that my kid's skin would tan or burn from UV exposure and I kept a secret watchful eye on them. A sunburn would get them attention and more skin care tips from mom and they knew it. The sunscreen he now uses is a men's favorite and I've listed it below.

Over Frank’s 30 years he took in mom’s skin care advice. He learned about dermatology from his earliest days and translated it into his own skin care routine that works. Listen as he describes my advice from his perspective as a Millennial Man who is making his own choices about skin care, creating his own daily routine and taking good care of his skin – dermatologist mom’s stamp of approval!

See the products that Frank depended on for his skin over his 30 years:

Ultimate Acne Solution's Kit

Back Acne Kit

back and body acne kit


Glycolic Acid Body Lotion

best skin cream and lotion to treat keratosis pilaris kp chicken skin


best mineral zinc oxide invisible sunscreen for men

The sunscreen Frank uses now is the latest high-tech invisible zinc oxide mineral product. It's so easy to use for every day sun protection. Sheer Strength Pure Physical Spray SPF 50+ Sunscreen


Thanks, Frank, for translating what you've learned about skin care from your dermatologist mom!