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Coolibar Sun Umbrella

Sun Protection Umbrellas and Parasols

Coolibar Sun Umbrella It’s the middle of a hot summer and I want to put one of my favorite sun protection tricks on your radar - because I think you'll love it too! It’s the Coolibar collapsible sun umbrella. I love mine, and I mean I seriously LOVE mine! A sun umbrella is a practical way to protect your skin from sun damage and to stay cool on a sunny day. You create your own shade and it follows you around. Frankly, it's an ingenious accessory! Not all umbrellas block the sun’s rays, which is why this sun umbrella by Coolibar rocks. Plus, it's collapsible, fits in your suitcase, and even fits in some of my favorite purses. I think everyone should have and use one. The Coolibar travel umbrella repels rain and sun so it’s one umbrella that does it all. When I travel, I use it when I'm out touring. At home, I use it on garden tours, at the nursery, when I’m out on a sunny walk, etc. It’s sturdy and I’ve never broken mine - not even on the windiest Coastal California days. It attracts a little attention, but I’m always cooler than anyone else because I’m bring the shade with me! I saw a lot of these umbrellas in Hawaii and I'm sure they'll catch on everywhere as sun protection becomes more mainstream. You need to know that not just any old umbrella will work. This brilliant umbrella is made of a reflective material that blocks both sun and rain. Before I bought my Coolibar umbrella, I went umbrella shopping hoping to find a rain and sun protective umbrella at our local luggage store. I tested the sun protection of every rain umbrella they had in stock using my UV Detecto Ring Beads and came up with a big ZERO for options – the beads colored up under every umbrella meaning not a one blocked UV rays sufficiently. That’s when I ordered my Coolibar sun umbrella. Remember, you still need to wear sunscreen, sun protective clothing, sunglasses, and even a hat when you use your umbrella because when you're on the move parts of you will get out from under its shade. Overall though, a sun umbrella is a great way to help keep the UV rays from reaching your skin where they cause wrinkles, age spots, and skin cancer. My Coolibar sun umbrella is one of the few products that has exceeded my expectations and that I just love! I can count 10 products that I'd say the same thing about:
  1. The Clarisonic Skin Cleansing Brush
  2. My Sonicare toothbrush
  3. The Vitamix blender
  4. My current car
  5. My Cry-ac that I use to treat skin growth (my patients will confirm that I love my "squirt gun"!)
  6. Replenix CF Cream and Green Tea Antioxidant Skin Therapy - Replenix Power of Three Cream
  7. Suntegrity's new 5-in-1 BB cream sunscreen
  8. My 8-year-old orange Keen sandals that I still wear all the time and that wash up like new with soap and water
  9. My Bosch dishwasher
  10. My Coolibar sun umbrella
That’s it! It’s hot and sunny out and I’d highly recommend you make a run on the Coolibar site and order yourself this amazing little umbrella. Just click this link to jump over to the site. Let me know what you think about it. I’d also love to hear which products that you have used that have exceed your expectations and give you warm fuzzy feelings of gratitude when you think about how well they serve you. It's a fun question to ponder. Happy Summer!