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Skin expert tips to unclog your clogged pores
How to Unclog Your Clogged Pores

By Cynthia Bailey MD

Get my dermatologist's tips for how to unclog your clogged pores and blackheads to have fresh, clean-looking skin! Sometimes the "dark stuff" you see in your pores is a collection of what pores naturally sec...

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Do you have Pityrosporum folliculitis?
Top 5 Villains That Will Spark an Acne Break Out

By Cynthia Bailey MD

We’ve all had it, hated it and tried to beat it. It seems to flare up at the worst of times.  Acne – the bane of teenage skin that, for some, it persists well into adulthood. As a dermatologist, we have all ...

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best treatments for clogged pores
Best Treatments for Clogged Pores

By Cynthia Bailey MD

Best treatment for clogged pores included treatments for blackheads and acne. These are common causes of clogged pores. But, you can have clogged pores even if you don't have acne. As a dermatologist, patien...

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rosacea seborrhea and clogged pores
Rosacea, Seborrhea and Clogged Pores: Ask Dr. Bailey About Facial Skin Care

By Cynthia Bailey MD

Rosacea, seborrhea and clogged pores often happen together. It's a common combination complexion challenge. I was sent this great question from a reader that I want to share. Dear Dr. Bailey, I have facial s...

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