Conclusive Scientific Proof That Daily Use of Sunscreen Prevents Skin Aging

scientific proof that daily use of sunscreen prevents skin agingosure of skin

There’s no more wondering or hoping that you’ll get away with NOT wearing sunscreen every day - we now have scientific proof that daily use of sunscreen prevents skin aging! A new study just released in the Annals of Internal Medicine showed, without a doubt, that DAILY use of sunscreen prevents the degradative skin changes of aging.

In the study, Australians who used sunscreen every day for 4 ½ years had no additional microscopic signs of skin aging as compared to those who used sunscreen in a discretionary way (when they felt like it).

In the same study, they tested to determine if beta-carotene supplements retarded skin aging; results showed they did not.

Bottom Line: if you want to stop the progressive aged appearance of your skin over your lifetime, you need to wear sunscreen on exposed skin every day.

scientific proof that daily use of sunscreen prevents skin agingI know this to be true because in my dermatology practice I get to compare sun-protected to non-protected skin daily. Everyone's - and I mean everyone’s - buttocks skin is wrinkle free. Everyone’s inner arm looks years younger than their outer arm too, once the signs of sun damage start showing up. When someone doubts whether sunscreen will help keep their skin healthy, I use that example as a demonstration and they “get it”.

I have the best invisible non-greasy mineral sunscreens that never sting!

proof that sunscreens prevent skin aging

Sunscreens are key to having healthy skin so I make it my priority to have sunscreens my patients love. My Sheer Strength Pure Physical Sunscreens are fragrance-free, pure mineral zinc oxide based and fit all complexion types. I have a range for every preference and activity. Love your sunscreen, wear it daily and your skin will look better and be stronger than if you don't. Trust me on this.

It’s not just wrinkles and the cosmetic consequences that are important. Those degradative sun-induced skin changes cause skin thinning and fragility over the years. Daily sun-induced skin aging over the years is why, as we become elderly, the skin on the back of our arms tears and bruises easily.

I hope I’ve motivated you! Wear your sunscreen every day.

What's my professional dermatologist's advice to you for preventing skin aging?

Use daily sunscreen with the same diligence you use to brush your teeth. Apply it right after you’ve washed your face and put on your other products. Don’t forget your ears (I did for years and my earlobes have more wrinkles than my face!), the sides of your neck, the back of your neck if your hair is short, your chest if you're wearing a scoop or V-neck shirt, the back of your hands/arms, etc.

Even in winter, you need sunscreen because the winter rays age your skin too.

Use broad spectrum sunscreens with SPF 30 or higher and 5% or more zinc oxide. My bias is that zinc oxide products give you the best protection, so chose products that have 5% or more zinc oxide listed as an active ingredient, are labeled SPF 30 or higher, and also are labeled with the words “broad spectrum.”

Augment your sunscreen's protection with additional sun protection measures. Ideally, I’d love for you to add a full brim hat when you’re outside for extended periods and to cover as much skin as possible with clothing that gives you sun protection. Seek the shade and wear UV-blocking glasses to protect your eyes when you’re outside for more than a few minutes too.

To see the zinc oxide sunscreens that I know work and that I trust for my patients, my family, and myself, click here.

Wishing you lots of fun in the sun without the future wrinkles!


Hughes MC, Williams GM, Baker P, Green AC., Sunscreen and prevention of skin aging: a randomized trial. Ann Intern Med. 2013 Jun 4;158(11):781-90. Photo: thanks and gratitude to tibchris and Andrew Plewes