Gifty Delights

  • Q: What gift can you bring to a gracious host/hostess that's easy, unique and appreciated??


  •  A: An unparalleled skin care product made by a dermatologist - why not?! 

Get your well-chosen gift noticed because no one else thought of it and it works SOOOO well - yep sooths what ails skin without being too personal. 

Feeling gifty and need fresh inspiration? Plus, get 10% off for a limited time.

Best hand cream hostess gift

I've got THE BEST hand cream for busy hosting hands. It's non-greasy and deeply soothing after all the prep and clean-up work. I keep this by my kitchen sink. It says "Dr." on the name so you know it works.

.... deeply hydrating and makes my hands feel so incredibly soft... I've never found a hand cream before that is so completely non-greasy... I can truly say, with confidence, that this is the best hand cream I've ever tried. PJ

best facial hyaluronic acid serum

Is your friend/host a skin care devotee? Why not share THE BEST hyaluronic acid serum on the planet?? Instantly Luminous Multi-Action Serum has no parallel in the universe of serums - your host can look forward to relaxing after the event and soaking up the nourishing goodness in this beautiful Polynesian lagoon blue serum - dewy, youthful skin will be smiling back at them in the mirror. It's astounding, how do they look so refreshed - wink wink?!

I've included a few of my other simple favorite gifts in my Gifty Delights Collection including:

  • My Omega Facial Booster Oil: beautiful and dermatologically precise for the natural skin care loving folks - like me.
  • My Survival Kit for Busy Hands when the host/hostess may want/need a really great hand soap with their amazing Hand Cream.

Be brilliant and thoughtful as you say 'thanks for the hospitality' this year. Perfect to thank all the kind folks in your life - think teachers, nurses, home care givers, book club friends, etc, etc, etc., easy, unique AND appreciated skin care solutions created by a dermatologist.  

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Sensitive Skin Natural Could be agitiating

Sensitive Skin Natural Could be agitiating