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wedding ring rash treatment

What to Do When Your Wedding Ring Is Irritating Your Skin

Wedding ring rash is usually an irritant dermatitis caused by soap that gets trapped under your ring. Soap is irritating. When it’s not completely rinsed off your skin, it pulls out your skin’s natural oils, which breaks down the important outer protective structure.

wedding ring is irritating your skin

Your wedding ring is the symbol of your love and commitment to your spouse. But what do you do if your wedding ring is irritating your skin and causing a rash?  

Without a strong outer structure, your delicate inner skin layers are easily irritated by the soap residue.

3 really simple steps to control this wedding ring irritation hand dermatitis:


when wedding ring is irritating your skin use this soap

Step 1: When you wash your hands, always use an easy-to-rinse foaming cleanser that is also gentle on your skin. I specifically recommend my Natural Foaming Liquid Hand Soap because it is also hypoallergenic.

Step 2. Always be certain that all soap is rinsed out from under and behind your ring, including dish soap, bath soap, and shampoo.

Step 3. Take your ring off and clean it regularly. Use a jewelry cleaning solution, being careful to brush under stones where soap residue can become trapped and harden.   

Hand soap tip for ring irritation
"I'm a guy and I notice my hands look & feel better." I started using Dr. Bailey's Liquid Foaming Hand Soap in the kitchen sink because the pump was so convenient and it cleaned my dirty hands great. Then I noticed something else pretty quick. My hands felt better... Smoother, less cracks. My wife noticed and appreciated my smoother hand skin too.  Now it's in every room with a sink. Ladies buy this hand soap for your man. He'll really appreciate it quick. You will too :-) Tim Warren, 1/20/15

Have Sensitive Hand Skin? There's Help for You.

People with really sensitive hand skin may need to do more to heal their skin irritation under their rings. This is especially true when your hands are in and out of water all day.

Get in the habit of applying a good non-greasy hand cream after washing to heal ring irritation.

best hand cream to heal wedding ring irritation rash

Use a hypoallergenic product that is also convenient. I specifically recommend my Dry Skin Hand Cream because it is non-greasy, fragrance-free, hypoallergenic, and convenient and it contains glycerin and a barrier-protecting ingredient.

For hands that need even more treatment to heal, I recommend a therapeutic hand treatment at night with bag balm and cotton gloves. My Dry Hand Skin Repair Kit contains the full Monty of all my hand skin care essentials. By taking a few extra steps, you can rid yourself of wedding ring rash and wear your wedding band comfortably.

what to do about my ring rash, heal it with this
Comfortably wear your wedding ring when you rinse all soap residue out from behind it, use only an easy-rinse hand soap and you apply a healing hand cream to keep your skin strong, healthy and resistant to irritation.