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The Best Way to Celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month

celebrate breast cancer awareness month - Breast Cancer Survivor and Awareness Month October 1st was my first day back in the office. It was a fantastic feeling to see my wonderful patients and work with my absolutely amazing staff! What I didn't realize in advance is that

October 1st is also the first day of Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

It's typical for me to not put 2 and 2 together until I'm smack dab in the middle of it - and it's perfect!

This is my first chance to celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month as a survivor, and it's so fitting to kick off the month by getting my lovely career back.

During last year's Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I was a breast cancer patient. I was reeling from the shock of the diagnosis; I was on chemo; and I was deeply grieving over what it all meant for my well-nurtured body and health. This year I'm at work; I survived it all; and I'm ecstatic!! I'm having fun with the chemo curls too.

Take that breast cancer! I'm celebrating Breast Cancer Awareness Month by getting my beautiful career back ... and it feels so good!  :-)

 Help me celebrate breast cancer awareness month too. Love to read your comments below in the Facebook comments window. Thanks for support and sharing the good news