Sun Protection Tips: Sun Up to Sun Down

Sun protection tips with educational infographic

Sun protection tips for sun up to sun down year-round so that your skin stays healthy. Sun protection is the number one skin care tip to prevent skin aging. Get the best sun protection with my quick tips - learn how with my easy to read infographic.

You Need the Best Sun Protection!

Everyone needs sun protection all day, every day, year-round. Yes, in many cultures, tans were considered beautiful but that's changed!

Did you know that a tan means damage to your skin has occurred?  

This damage leads to wrinkles, skin-thinning and an increased risk of developing skin cancer. If you tan, or your freckles darken, there's damage occurring to your skin and you will need more protection next time.

Instead, here are some tips to help you have healthier skin all year, and fight wrinkles, while enjoying the sun!

ASK yourself, are you sun protected?

Sun protection infographic tips from the dermatologist

Sun protect your skin like a dermatologist with the best sun protection accessories and sunscreens.

I have the best sunscreens and sun protection tools that work perfectly to prevent skin sun damage. My patients and I have put products to the test for over 30 years and I've curated tools that work and sunscreens with the best technology.

dermatologist sun protection kit

For example, my SunSavvy Around Town Protection Kit has the most convenient and flattering UPF 50 sun hat, and water resistant mineral sunscreens plus a non-toxic mineral lip SPF and a UV Ray detecting ring. It also makes a great gift!

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What sunscreens does a dermatologist use to protect her precious skin?

best pure mineral zinc oxide sunscreen recommended by dermatologist without benzene

I wear only my Sheer Strength Pure Physical Sunscreens. These are the best sunscreens made from the most advanced pure mineral sunscreen technology - patented invisible zinc oxide for the only sun protection I trust.

You will love these sunscreens and happily use them daily, and imagine how great your skin will look for the rest of your life.

Sheer Strength Pure Physical Sunscreens make wearing sunscreen easy. 5 great products, each with their unique attributes:

  1. SSPP SPF 30+ Matte Tinted Creme on my face every day. Iron oxide also helps to block visible light capable of darkening pigment skin problems.
  2. SSPP SPF 50 Refresh Powder to touch up my sun protection when I'm out. Its tinting technology blends into all skin tones and also contains more iron oxide to fight pigment problems.
  3. SSPPS SPF 50 Water Resistant Spray is what I wear when swimming and sweating.

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Author: Dr. Cynthia Bailey M.D. is a Board Certified dermatologist practicing dermatology since 1987. She has done well over 200,000 skin exams during her career and authors the longest running physician written skin health blog in the world.