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DIY Natural Face Mask to Get Your Skin Ready for Summer

How to make face masks and scrubs from food in your kitchen

Summertime brings with it all kinds of delicious fruits and veggies that are grown locally; a chance to refresh your eating habits after a long winter of eating heavy carbs. Not only are the fresh foods good for your insides, they are good to put on your skin! 

Use nutritious fruit and veggies to create healthy DIY face masks

To get that fresh dewy look just in time for summer, you can dive into your refrigerator or the basket sitting on your counter and make use of good-for-you ingredients available right now. Here are a few DIY facials that will brighten your day and your skin!

How to Make a Natural Cucumber and Aloe Face Mask

This mask, from Stockpiling Moms softens and soothes your skin using just two easy ingredients: cucumber and aloe vera, both known for their calming properties. Ingredients:

  • ¼ cucumber (peeled and chopped)
  • 4 TBSP Aloe Vera Gel

Instructions: In a blender, puree cucumber. In a bowl, mix puree with ¼ cup aloe vera gel. Smooth mask over clean damp skin. Relax for 10-20 minutes. Rinse and pat dry.

How to make an exfoliating scrub to brighten your skin from things in your kitchen 

One of the easiest and best things you can do to brighten your skin is exfoliate. The gentle scrubbing clears the dead skin cells, allowing the light-reflecting healthy skin to show through. If you're interested in learning more, check out Dr. Bailey's blog, Exfoliation DIY: Get Smoth Skin Instantly.

For a good DIY exfoliating recipe, try this recipe.

Brown Sugar Coconut Oil Exfoliating Scrub Recipe

Taken from Miss Information, this facial scrub is a delicious way to brighten your skin. . Ingredients:

  • 2 parts Brown Sugar
  • 1 part Coconut Oil (no need to use the expensive kind for this)
  • 4 oz jar

Instructions: Add 1 part coconut oil to the jar and melt in the microwave. Gently mix in the brown sugar until you have a paste like consistency. Use your fingers or a spoon to stir up the mixture. 

Smooth over your skin in a circular motion to exfoliate and polish your skin. When not in use, seal the lid on the jar tightly.

Bonus: In order to use as a body scrub, replace sugar with sea salt or Epson salt.

These are quick and easy ways to brighten your skin with delicious and healthy foods that are good for both your inside and outside. Interested in more? Check out our Pinterest board, Natural Facials.

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