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Why Pure Mineral Powder is the Best Makeup

Why Pure Mineral Powder is the Best Makeup

True, pure mineral makeup is hypoallergenic and the best choice for sensitive skin.

Mineral powders are essentially inert, meaning they are very unlikely to be allergens.

Most allergic reactions to makeup are due to fragrance and preservative ingredients. Even natural botanical fragrances can be allergens, unfortunately. Mineral makeup in powder form is the simplest and smartest makeup because it is composed of mineral powders and little to nothing else.

Did you know that the more often you expose your skin to allergens, such as fragrance and preservatives in makeup, the more likely your body is to become allergic to the allergens?

It’s true, and it’s why I recommend that everyone use hypoallergenic, skin care products. There is no reason to tempt fate and taunt a future contact dermatitis (aka allergic skin reaction) that will last for a lifetime!

Can you be allergic to your makeup?

Yes! As a dermatologist, I recommend you use hypoallergenic makeup and cut straight to the colors without the filler and fluff, fragrance and preservatives.

Face makeup, like eye shadow and foundation, provide colors to enhance features or cover complexion flaws. Mineral powders can do that, beautifully.

When milled to ultra-fine consistency, mineral face powder can sit imperceptibly on your skin creating the look you want minus the allergens present in liquid or creamy makeup products. Eye shadow mineral powders stay in place nicely and minimize exposure of delicate eye skin to allergens.

doctor's advice for complete skin care for rosacea

Apply mineral powder makeup on top of your Complete Skin Care Routine and you’ve got the best of all possible product combinations. Complete Skin Care involves the steps of Cleanse, Correct, Hydrate and Protect.

Mineral makeup powder sits on top. You can use a tinted mineral zinc oxide sunscreen as your protect step and begin the makeup process. It’s what I’ve done for years.

I have ideal mineral powders to top your Complete Skin Care. All my powders are triple-milled and gossamer-fine for a natural look that gives long-lasting coverage. To meet my patient’s needs, I have a range of options to suit all skin types.

Every one of my Mineral Makeup products is ideal for sensitive skin and for people who DON’T want to taunt fate by exposing themselves to unnecessary allergens in traditional, makeup products.

mineral makeup for all skin types

None of my mineral powders will cake or flake. They look really natural and have natural-light-reflecting technology to give you a luminous complexion – simply beautiful minus the allergens.

Loose Mineral Powder is ideal for oily and acne-prone skin because it is a blend of ultra-fine mineral powder with kaolin clay that absorbs oil throughout the day.

Pressed Mineral Powder provides the same ultra-fine mineral powder in an oil-free compact formulation that can be applied with a sponge or brush.

Baked Minerals are heated to 400 degrees to create a fine, mineral-powder cake that can be applied with a brush.Eyes hadow - SPF in your makeup

Mineral Eye Shadow Trio is also baked to a cake of naturally-iridescent mineral hues that can be applied with a brush. I personally use an angled brush and the brown in the bronze trio to enhance my brows.

I use the taupey gray in the smokey trio to bring out my eyes.  

The Loose Mineral Eye Shadow is versatile and comes in a fun range of colors. Learn how to clean your makeup brushes - cruelty free makeup brush set

Using pure mineral powder is a smarter choice than using a creamy product on the delicate and sensitive eye skin, which is the canary in the mine shaft for developing an allergic contact dermatitis.

I have the handiest and softest, travel Cosmetic Brush Set for use with these mineral powders. It’s eco-friendly, cruelty-free and a great deal. 

Apply your hypoallergenic mineral makeup over your sunscreen.Get sunscreen protection that works!

To start the color-application process, use a tinted, mineral zinc oxide sunscreen.

This way, you combine anti-aging skin care with your makeup.

Sheer Strength Pure Mineral Tinted Matte Sunscreen is ideal for oily complexions and makes a great primer for mineral powders.Get the best daily sunscreen for sensitive dry skin with rosacea

Suntegrtity 5 in 1 BB Cream Tinted Sunscreen is hydrating for those of us with drier facial skin. I use this every day under my mineral makeup.

Both sunscreens give you broad-spectrum, pure zinc-oxide mineral-protection and are hypoallergenic. Layering mineral makeup over mineral zinc-oxide sunscreen is smart any way you look at it.

Finally, keep your makeup and sunscreen in my Fair-Trade Silk Cosmetic Bags.

Treat yourself to a sensual pleasure at a reasonable price. The Cosmetic Brush Set fits in the bag, too.

affordable silk cosmetic bagsIt’s what I’ve used for years – I love applying my makeup as much as I love wearing it. When I see my face in the mirror, I’m happy with how my makeup is wearing as I work through my day.

To learn more about all of the products mentioned on this blog and to get your costmetics kit now, click here.


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