Are You Allergic to Cleaning Products?

Are You Allergic to Cleaning Products?

Your cleaning products may be causing allergic reactions without your knowledge!

A secret allergen may be lurking nearby…

You may not realize it, but the cleaning products you use may create an allergic reaction. While you focus on moisturizers, makeup, soaps, and more, have you taken a good look at your home-cleaning products?

Your home cleaning products get on your skin and cause rashes and more!

Even if they are marked “natural,” your sprays, liquids, scrubbing gels, and other, home-cleaning products may cause havoc on your skin. After all, they can still contain allergens and toxic ingredients.

are you allergic to home cleaning products

Many home cleaning products contain fragrances and synthetic materials called phthalates, which can have negative impacts on your overall health. The labels may state, “unscented,” but there is usually a masking-fragrance involved so these are products are not truly fragrance-free.

Plus, there may be botanical ingredients in these cleaning products that can be potent allergens, too.

Think you are safe because you’ve been using a home-cleaning product for a long time? Not really.

You may ignore a product for causing a specific, skin reaction because you’ve used it for years. But, allergic reactions to various ingredients can evolve over time, especially if you’ve had repetitive contact with a specific product for many years. While a product may not have bothered you in the past, it’s possible you can be allergic to it now.

What do you do if you think you might be allergic to your home cleaners?

are you allergic to cleaning products

I created my All Natural Liquid and Spray Home Cleaners. They are fragance free and free of allergens, chemicals, phthalates and all the chemicals we want to avoid. Let a dermatologist do your homework for you and find truly clean and green allergen free home cleaning products. I created these to help one of my skin care patients in the past. Together we learned how hard it is to find allergen-free home cleaning products beyond vinegar. These cleaners clean well while avoid using allergens.