How to Minimize Waxing Side Effects from Bikini Waxing

biking waxing side effects

Brazilian and bikini wax side effects are no fun! It's spring and the beginning of the busiest hair removal waxing time of year. We want to help you get the best bikini hair removal waxing treatment possible. If a bikini wax is one of your essential summer skin care treatments then you need to know that what you do before and after your treatment will greatly impact your results.

The most common Brazilian and bikini wax side effects are: 

  1. redness and inflammation of the waxed skin,
  2. pain,
  3. post-waxing bumps, pimples, and ingrown hairs.

Anyone receiving bikini waxing is at risk for these side effects. You're especially at risk if you’re new to waxing or don’t receive regular waxing because you have denser hair growth in the treatment area. Plus, regular bikini waxing helps to condition your skin as well as the hair follicle, making the common side effects much less common.

bikini wax side effectsMake your next Brazilian or bikini wax a more "pleasant" (o.k., a more "tolerable") experience by following these easy steps. These are some of the most effective solutions I have found, based on years of experience both giving - and receiving - bikini waxes.

Steps you can take to help prevent many of the uncomfortable side effects of Brazilian and bikini waxing:

  1. Gently exfoliating the area to remove dead skin cells that can block the skin pore and hair follicle.
  2. Apply warm compress to the area to help relax the skin pore and hair follicle, aiding in easier hair removal.
  3. Trim the hair in the area to 1/8 of an inch.  The shorter the hair the less painful the removal and 1/8 inch hairs are the perfect waxing length.
  4. Avoiding stimulants such as caffeine two hours prior to waxing, as this can make you and your skin more sensitive.  Instead drink water to help hydrate your body.
  5. Most importantly, try to relax your body and mind as much as possible.  Tensing up will only increase the pain you may feel.  Take deep breaths and think of your favorite vacation paradise and why this bikini wax could or should be followed by a great vacation.

Tips to prevent the common side effects after a bikini wax and help your skin heal quickly:

  1. Avoid exercising for 24 hours to minimize redness and irritation.
  2. Continue to gently exfoliate the area where the hair was removed 24 hours after waxing and every couple of days to help prevent ingrown hairs.
  3. witch hazel and rose natural tonerApply a cool compress and witch hazel, or alcohol-free witch hazel toner to reduce redness and inflammation and to help keep bacteria at bay.
  4. Avoid Jacuzzis, swimming pools, saunas, or hot showers for 24 hours to reduce the chance of irritation or for bacteria to enter the area.
  5. Avoid touching the area for 24 hours and wear loose fitting clothing.

For many of us, a bikini wax, and maybe even a pedicure, says summer, fun, tropical vacation, and play time!  Get the best results you can with the right pre- and post-care of your treated skin. Also, pick a well-trained and impeccably careful skin professional for your waxing and hair removal treatments.

Here, at Dr. Bailey Skin Care, we attend continuing education seminars for skin care professionals so that we’re always up-do-date on the latest new waxing products and techniques. We have a range of the best waxes to fit the site and hair type being treated and we are fastidious about our hair removal waxing treatment hygiene. We're committed to giving you the best and safest hair removal waxing treatments available anywhere. Wishing you lots of great bathing-suit-wearing vacations this year (don't forget your sun protection)!

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