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Glycolic Acid is the Best AHA for Smooth, Hydrated Body Skin

Glycolic Acid is the Best AHA for Smooth, Hydrated Body Skin

I’ve used glycolic acid body care products in my dermatology practice for years.  

I’ve used them personally myself too. My husband also does. That’s because they work so well. 

What glycolic acid body care products will do for you skin:

    • Remove dry skin flakiness;
    • Exfoliate skin so it has a dewy, youthful feel and shine;
    • Help get rid of crusty age spots called seborrheic keratosis (aka barnacles!);
    • Help lighten brown age spots called solar lentigines (liver spots);
    • Moisturize skin from the inside out because it stimulates your skin to make more hyaluronic acid in the deeper skin-layers;
    • Help exfoliate itchy areas on your back or arms called notalgia paresthetica or brachioradial pruritus;
    • Soften rough elbows, knees, knuckle pads, and feet;
    • Help get rid of keratosis pilaris (aka chicken skin bumps on the back of your arms, front of your thighs and even buttocks and back); and
  • Help reduce pimples on your buttocks (frictional folliculitis).

Body lotion that contains glycolic acid is the one, most simple product to add to your body-care routine and reap huge ROI (return on your investment of time). Apply it within the magic 3 minutes of stepping out of your bath or shower, where you want to see your skin improve, and wait a few weeks for results. It really works that fast.

If you want even more results, use an exfoliating shower cloth (Salux cloth is my favorite) in the shower with a glycolic acid cleanser or your favorite shower gel. Exfoliate the areas of skin you want to improve, and then, apply the lotion after getting out of the shower.

How do you use glycolic acid body lotion if you also have a body moisturizer that you also love?

Alternate them! Yep, that’s what I do. I use the Glycolic Body Lotion one day and my Natural Lotion or Butter the other.

My patients and I are huge, glycolic acid body care fans.

I’ve created a great glycolic acid skin care kit and call it my Ultra Fast

Best products for soft body skin

Body Smoothing AHA Skin Care Kit.

It has my Glycolic Acid Body Lotion at a beefy 15%, my Glycolic Acid Face and Body Wash and the Salux Cloth. It even comes with my organic cotton logo bag.

Start using this professional strength glycolic acid skin care routine and see how fast your elbows turn into velvet, your lower leg and arm skin quits looking dry and chalky and any other rough areas smooth out.  

It really does work fast – almost like instant gratification!

Get the kit here.