Dr. Oz Talks About Noble Formula Zinc Soap

Calming zinc soap bar

Pyrithione zinc soap cleansing bar is a wonder ingredient to treat some of the most common and frustrating skin conditions......

and, just this month, the Dr. Oz Show made pyrithione zinc famous!

Dr. Oz was talking cleansing bars.  He asked 5 audience members about their skin type and then told them what cleansing bar would be the best choice for their skin.  One audience member named Carmela had tinea versicolor (aka white or pink/brown scaly spots usually on the chest and back due to an overgrowth of the normally well-behaved skin yeast called Pityrosporum).  Dr. Oz told Carmela that Noble Formula Zinc Bar Soap would be a great cleansing bar choice because it helps to treat the Pityrosporum yeast overgrow that's causing the rash.

zinc soap for acne dermatologist's best

I always use zinc soap for acne skin care routines when I think this same Pityrosporum yeast is contributing to 'fungal' acne. - Dermatologist Dr. Cynthia Bailey

I'm thrilled that Dr. Oz is helping get out the word about zinc pyrithione soap!  I used Noble Formula Zinc Soap in my dermatology practice for years. It was better than the only other alternative at the time called ZNP.  Noble Formula Zinc Soap is made with emu oil. My patients started asking for the same great results we've gotten with Noble Formula Zinc but in a product free from ingredients that come from animals. 

That's why I created my Calming Zinc ® bar soap - it works as well as Noble Formula Zinc, but it's animal free, and that matters too!

Calming Zinc Bar Soap has the same hefty 2% pyrithione zinc to meet, greet and subdue Pityrosporum yeast.  Its soap base is also naturally handmade from olive oil and oats, and rich in hydrating glycerin. The difference is my Calming Zinc soap has shea butter instead of the emu oil, which is what is in Noble Formula Zinc Soap. 

The shea butter used in Calming Zinc Bar Soap Cleanser is a natural plant-based oil that's rich in linoleic, oleic and stearic acids to help soothe inflammation to speed symptom relief and skin healing - and it's animal free.

My patients and web customers love Calming Zinc ®.

I got my husband to use the Calming Zinc Bar and it blew his mind!  All his life he had felt there was a thing about men having oily skin; he would wash his face twice a day and still get red and have blemishes.  Now he's using the Calming Zinc twice a day and his skin is so much better.  He said to me “I’m really impressed and glad I did that”.  Eva M Sebastopol, CA

The best pyrithione zinc soap

In my dermatology practice I use Calming Zinc Bar Soap to treat my patients with facial dandruff, rosacea and Pityrosporum type of facial acne, as well as to help control tinea versicolor.  Calming Zinc Soap is a key ingredient in my Facial Redness Relief Kit, the most popular product to sooth unwanted and frustrating facial redness.

Pyrithione zinc soap facial redness relief kitClick here to learn more about my Facial Redness Relief Kit and why it works magic for facial redness! 

And now the humble little pyrithione zinc medicine has made it to the big time on Dr. Oz.  Cool!

pyrithione zinc soap Calming Zinc SoapClick here to learn more about Calming Zinc ® bar soap

Pro-Tip for zinc soap: You can use Calming Zinc Soap on your back to help control tinea versicolor and on your face for 'fungal' acne.

Apply it with a Salux Cloth, allow the pyrithione zinc to sit on your skin for 5 or more minutes while in the shower before rinsing off. 

salux shower cloth

Foaming Zinc Cleanser is an even better choice for tinea versicolor treatment in my dermatology practice because it foams and spreads over the large expanse of truncal skin so easily.

For hairy areas of skin or large expanses prone to tinea versicolor, such as the back and chest, I actually prefer delivering the 2% pyrithione zinc treatment with my Foaming Zinc Cleanser.   It is a much better solution than Noble Formula Zinc! That's because Foaming Zinc Cleanser on better for lathering areas of hairy skin such as the scalp, a full beard, or a hairy back. It also spreads really nicely with the Salux Cloth. It is not my top choice for overall facial cleansing because it can be a little more drying than Calming Zinc.

Foaming Zinc Cleanser is better than Noble Formula Zinc for tinea versicolor

For zinc pyrithione, I prefer Calming Zinc for the face and Foaming Zinc for body, scalp and beard. It's about having the "right tool for the job" as my father-in-law often says!

a really great scalp scrubberOne last favorite treatment trick of mine.  On the scalp, scrub the Foaming Zinc Cleanser onto the scalp with a simple scalp scrubber.  It's a great way to deeply clean a dandruff prone scalp and lift and rinse away scale and oil. 'Fungal' acne on the scalp also responds to Foaming Zinc.

The bottom line: Pyrithione zinc soap has many uses and is a great home remedy for some of the most common skin problems due to the Pityrosporum yeast.