The Benefits of Mineral Makeup

the benefits of mineral makeup

The benefits of mineral makeup become apparent when you know what the makeup is made from and how it differs from non-mineral makeup.

The best mineral makeup will:

  • provide complete, long-lasting coverage
  • give you a naturally flawless complexion
  • never cake, crease or look flaky

It does not contain artificial dyes, chemicals, preservatives, fluff, fragrance or fillers. Those are all components of makeup that can cause rashes and skin irritation.

My triple-milled, ultra-fine mineral makeup gives you all these benefits and even more when compared to other mineral makeup products! We've been loving it in my dermatology office and I've have included my beautiful makeup on my website so that my web customers can enjoy it too.

The Benefits of Mineral Makeup

benefits of mineral makeup

Mineral makeup is the best choice for sensitive skin.

Mineral makeup provides makeup coverage that is gentle for even the most sensitive or allergic skin. Mineral makeup is the best makeup for almost all skin types and even my most sensitive-skin patients can tolerate my high-quality mineral makeup.

Mineral makeup is natural.

The best mineral makeup powder is naturally free of fillers, preservatives and irritating chemicals.

Remember, makeup is your "color coat" to layer on top of your therapeutic skin care products. Use just the mineral pigments without the fillers to create the look you want. - Dermatologist Dr. Cynthia Bailey

Mineral makeup has anti-aging benefits for your skin.

Mineral makeup gives your skin added sun protection, a key anti-aging benefit.

The mineral particles help bounce harmful UV sun rays off your skin in the same way a mineral sunscreen does. - Dr. Bailey

best face sunscreen for under mineral makeup

Apply mineral makeup over one of my SPF 30+ mineral zinc oxide sunscreens and you are giving your skin the best everyday sun protection available today. Since 80% of skin aging comes from sun damage (source), this strategy will help you stop the clock and have healthy, great looking skin for years!

Mineral makeup is elegant simplicity for your skin care regimen.

Mineral makeup is three products in one: foundation, powder and concealer. It's elegant simplicity for your makeup regimen and skinminimalism at its best.

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Why Dr. Bailey Skin Care Mineral Makeup Is Your Best Choice for Mineral Makeup

There are no nano-particles in Dr. Bailey Skin Care Mineral Makeup.

You don't want to breathe nano-particles because there is concern that breathing free airborne nano-mineral particles, like those found in some types of mineral makeup products, may not be good for your lungs. I recommend avoiding it.

The fine texture of my powders comes from the milling process, not nano technology.  Your skin can keep the nano-zinc out of your body but your lungs can't. That's why Dr. Bailey Skin Care mineral makeup is free of airborne nano-mineral particles.

It looks beautiful on your skin because it is triple milled.

Your makeup should cover your skin imperceptibly, but completely, without giving you a powdered look. My makeup lets you control your skin color to even out any flaws in your complexion, but it never leaves you looking powdered.

How does mineral makeup work with your skin care routine?

the benefits of mineral makeup

Choose one of my targeted skin care regimens to correct your skin problems. I've created kits to treat the signs of skin aging, control facial redness from seborrhea and rosacea, and acne treatment routines.

See my complete Skin Care Kits I developed based on my proven skin care routine to treat my dermatology patients for over 30+ years.

Mineral makeup works perfectly with these routines and don't add more liquid ingredients to the important targeted ingredients in my routines. 

Control your skin color with my mineral makeup that won't interfere with your skin treatment products.

It's what I call "intelligent skin care" and it gives you that brilliant blend of science and nature available from today's best skin care advances. 

I love your makeup, the texture is so light that it feels like I don’t have makeup on but at the same time it works so well, I even use it as concealer. I used to use Bare Minerals and didn’t like it, it was messy and felt confining on my skin, like you could scrape it off. That skin Daily Moisturizing Face Cream is great too and feels light on my skin. Charmaine P

Browse my Mineral Makeup product collection that I'm so excited about!

shimmery mineral makeup eyeshadow  

Mineral Makeup is that brilliant partnership between science and nature that I love - it's magic for healthy beautiful skin. - Dr. Bailey

I hope you'll love the soft, shimmery look and feel of my ultra-fine mineral makeup as much as I do!

Author: Dr. Cynthia Bailey M.D. is a Board-Certified dermatologist practicing dermatology since 1987. She has done well over 200,000 skin exams during her career and authors the longest running physician written skin health blog in the world.

“I love empowering people to take good care of their skin by educating them and putting the ‘self-care’ into their skin care so that they love the skin they’re in!” Dr. Bailey