Best Men’s Skin Care for Clogged Pores and Acne

best men's skin care for clogged pores and acne

Finding the best men's skin care for clogged pores acne continues to be important for men well beyond their teen years. That's because testosterone and pores have a direct and powerful relationship. Testosterone also adds fuel to the acne fire, which means men often struggle with acne for many years.

Testosterone increases oil gland oil production meaning that oily skin and clogged pores can be a lifelong skin problem for men.  

Men skin care for unclogging pores treating acne

The good news is that most men outgrow their worst acne-prone years after adolescence. It's still important for men to pick the right skin care products to control skin oil and clogged pores.

I’ve developed efficient skin care routines that use powerful, multitasking products to tackle men's skin problems.

The bottom line is that it takes just a few low-maintenance, but targeted, skin care steps for a man to have healthy and attractive skin that looks well-groomed and youthful.

I treat a lot of men in my dermatology practice. Many men don't realize that oily skin, acne and clogged pores can be treated with simple skin care products - Yep, switch the products that you already use for ones that target acne and oily clogged pores and you get a two-fer - clean skin and a fix to these frustrating skin problems.

Dermatologist's Simple 3 Step Grooming Fix for Men's Most Common Skin Problem - Clogged Pores, Blackheads, and Occasional Pimples

Step #1: Deeply Clean Your Pores When You Wash Your Face

Wash your face twice a day with a facial cleanser that penetrated deeply into oily pores. The key ingredient here is salicylic acid, which has special ability to cut through oil and pore clogging debris to loosen and remove it. Treat acne at the same time you cleanse your facial skin with Foaming Acne Treatment Cleanser. It's efficient multi-tasking!

Step #2: Apply Acne and Clogged Pore-Correcting Products After Washing Your Face

Acne correcting products go on freshly cleansed skin so that they penetrate well to treat acne.

acne treatment pads for clogged pores

Apply my medicated Acne Treatment Pads immediately after toweling skin dry. Use them twice a day on your T-zone. The powerful glycolic acid in these pads may sting after shaving so don't apply them to freshly shaved areas of your skin. These are especially helpful for oily complexions. 

If you suffer from pimples and acne cysts, apply my alcohol and oil-free Benzoyl Peroxide Acne Treatment Cream to the areas that are troubled by pimples. Apply this right after using the pads. It's easy. Benzoyl peroxide at any level over 2.5% will kill the acne causing bacteria called P. acnes/C. acnes. (Know that benzoyl peroxide will always bleach fabric so be careful with colored shirts, towels, and pillow cases).

best men's skin care for clogged pores and acne

Get my Acne Treatment Cleanser, Pads and Benzoyl Peroxide Lotion in my Ultimate Acne Solutions Kit. 

Use your Acne Treatment Cleanser, the pads and benzoyl peroxide twice daily in the morning and evening. This is powerful treatment for acne and clogged pores.

Men who want to get rid of acne scarring add Retinol Night Cream.

best men's skin care to get rid of acne scarsRetinol helps reduce hyperpigmentation, scarring and also addresses premature skin aging such as crow's feet. Use Retinol Night Cream at night after the Acne Treatment Cleanser and Pads. 

Fight hyperpigmentation skin problems and premature skin aging by applying an oil-free broad spectrum sunscreen every morning. Apply it on top of the Benzoyl Peroxide Lotion.

best men's facial sunscreenThe number one sunscreen choice of my male patients (and my husband) is Sheer Strength Spray Pure Physical SPF 50+l Sunscreen. This ultra-light SPF gives your powerful protection while never feeling or looking greasy. It rubs well into facial hair like your beard or mustache skin. Apply it to your ears, neck and top of your head if your hair is not super thick up there!

Yep, it's an easy and all over sunscreen for the head and neck. It's also great for hairy arm protection too. This is the ultimate "man pleasing" sunscreen at my house and in my dermatology practice! It's also easy to treat acne, clogged pores and oil skin with my men's acne treatment products - have great looking skin easily. 

Photo: Thanks and gratitude to Vancouver Men’s Fashion Week 2011, photographer Christopher Shawn Pike and model Frank R. Bailey IV.