Best, Dermatologist-Approved Dark Spot Corrector

dermatologist-approved dark spot corrector

What is the best dermatologist-approved dark spot corrector for serious results? When you have hyperpigmentation skin problems, you want skin care that gives you even skin color and that lightens dark spots. Dermatologists use ingredients that turn-down skin pigment synthesis and you will find the best in my Pigment Fading Pads.

Fade uneven hyperpigmentation and even your skin tone with your at home skin care routine.

Our Dark Spot Corrector is Made with Natural Skin Care In Mind

dermatologist approved dark spot corrector

We avoid a heavy preservative cocktail by mixing our Pigment Fading Pads fresh when you place your order. Because natural skin care is also a core value for us, we combine this pigment fighting powerhouse with the best botanical skin lighteners. You get state-of-the art dermatologic therapy and natural skin care in one simple step in your skin care routine.

I have melasma on my cheeks and have been looking for product to prevent and help fade hyperpigmentation. This product has natural arbutin and kojic acid, which help prevent more skin hyperpigmentation. The pads did not irritate my skin and helped fade the melasma.

- Loan

Melasma is the "holy grail" of stubborn hyperpigmentation, and this product breaks into this skin pigment problem like none other.

This simple, yet unique, product is the best and most effective choice to fade stubborn skin hyperpigmentation at home. It’s a brilliant blend of science, nature and personalized indie skin care – from a dermatologist.