What Is This Weird Acne That Itches And Hurts?

acne that itches and hurts Pityrosporum folliculitis fungal yeast acne

Do Your Pimples Hurt?

If you have weird acne that itches and hurts, know that not all pimples are caused by just regular acne. There is a type caused by a skin yeast. This type of acne is pretty common, and acne medicines don’t entirely get at the root cause of the problem.

It’s called Pityrosporum folliculitis.

Pityrosporum folliculitis acne on the neck itches and hurts

It can scar and leave brown marks on the skin long after the pimples have gone away. The pimples are often very red, with or without a little pustule in the center.

There are also lots of little, flesh-colored tiny bumps on the skin. Sites of your skin prone to this include: your forehead, around your jaw, along your hairline, eventually, on your cheeks and nose, and even your chest and back skin.

I’ve treated Pityrosporum folliculitis in my dermatology practice for years and have made a complete skin care kit with the products that I use for my own patients. You don’t need a prescription because the products are all over the counter – and what’s really important is that they contain all the right ingredients to get rid of this frustrating, skin problem.

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I’ve got products for facial PF and for chest and back PF.

Did you know you can even get PF pimples on your scalp?!

Yep, and those pimples also usually itch and hurt. I have the cleanser for that, too. It's my Foaming Zinc Cleanser that is great for back Pityrosporum folliculitis and works well as a shampoo for scalp Pityrosporum folliculitis. I like to combine it with my scalp scrubber to help the medicine in this cleanser reach the skin to treat the problem. Let it sit on your scalp or back for 5 minutes before rinsing it off. Some of the pyrithione zinc medicine will stay behind to keep treating the yeast after you step out of the shower. 

treatment for scalp acne that itches and hurts

How do you keep your skin clear from acne that itches and hurts?

Even if you only occasionally suffer from Pityrosporum yeast acne, you want to use these products because it can flare up without warning.

Keep the yeast under control, and you help to prevent the pimples, discoloration and acne-scarring that they can cause.

Get started now to help keep your skin clear and free from acne scarring caused by Pityrosporum folliculitis.

My Complete Pityrosporum Folliculitis Kit has all the products from my dermatology practice that you need to take good care of your skin!

what is this weird acne that itches and hurts
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