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5 Grooming Products Men Don’t Know They Need

5 Grooming Products Men Don’t Know They Need

Are you missing out on some great men's skin care and hair care items to help you look and feel better?

Body Lotion

A hot shower feels great and gets skin clean. But hot water and shower gel or body wash will dry out your skin. You see it first as flakey skin on your forearms and lower legs. Is your skin dull and rough or smooth with a sheen that says youthful vitality? A good quality body lotion restores youthful, smooth skin from head to toe. Lotions in a pump are really easy and fast to use. Don’t use a watery product though, you need one that works. My Natural Body Lotion is versatile, fragrance free, rich but never greasy, and locks in skin moisture so your skin looks and feels smooth and youthful.

Beard Oil

Facial hair is in big time for all ages of men. But, if your beard is dry, flakey and course, use a beard oil. My Omega Enriched Facial Oil conditions both beard hair and your skin. Tame coarse unruly hairs and a scruffy beard with one product. My Omega Enriched Facial Oil is a great beard oil. It is 100% natural and will leave your beard soft and smooth with a subtle woodland scent because it is made from organic essential oils and omega rich botanicals.

Pyrithione Zinc Cleanser for Scalp and Face

Men's skin care for the face.
Foaming Acne Treatment Cleanser

Men have lots of sebum on their scalp and face. Pityrosporum yeast love sebum. When happy, this yeast causes dry flakey skin – yep, oily skin that looks dry and flakey. It even has a sort of oily odor. Nip all this in the bud with pyrithione zinc. This one ingredient powerfully controls pityrosporum yeast. Use Foaming Zinc Cleanser in the shower once a day on your scalp hair, facial hair and even your face. If your chest and back are dry and flakey use it there too.

Shaving Soap

Forget shaving creams. They’re loaded with scents that are allergens. Most even have artificial fragrance that can contain phthalates – known hormone disruptors. If facial hair is not your thing, shave with a nice foaming facial soap. My Daily Face Cleanser has the perfect lather for shaving. My husband uses it every morning to shave. It’s hypoallergenic, rinses completely off of your skin, removes skin oil but won’t over dry your face or leave you with irritated or itchy skin. It also doesn’t have that heavy shaving cream smell that’s due to allergens and artificial chemicals.

Glycolic Acid Face Cream

If the man looking back at you in the mirror has a few more lines or overweathered skin than he wants, use a fast-acting glycolic acid face cream at night. Glycolic acid is well known for reducing the appearance of expression lines, uneven skin pigment and the signs of premature aging. Apply it at night instead of after your morning shave and let it work while you sleep. My Glycolic Acid Anti-Wrinkle Face Cream has professional levels of glycolic acid to get results fast.

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