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2 Simple Men's Skin Care Steps to Combat Dry Skin

2 Simple Men’s Skin Care Steps to Combat Dry Skin

Men, treat itchy, flaky skin with these tips from the dermatologist

Men often suffer dry skin that goes untreated. Dry skin is flaky and can feel tight. It can even itch and sting. It also does not look as youthful and vital as well-hydrated skin. Whether the dry skin is on your face, hands, arms, or legs, it matters. Spring is here and you are about to wear shorts and short-sleeved shirts. Tackle dry skin now so that you are ready.

In my 30+ years practicing dermatology, I’ve helped many men combat dry skin. Dry, flaking skin is easily treated with two simple tweaks to your skin care. It’s all about how and what you wash and moisturize your skin with – it’s just that simple – no magic, just the right choices. I’ve outlined them in the new web page that I’ve written specifically for men. I give concise tips for dry skin and list my favorite products.

It’s easy for men to have comfortable and attractive skin that’s free from dry flaking. Click here to see how I help my male patients quickly regain youthful, hydrated skin that looks as good as it feels.

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