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What Skin Care Products Are Best After Obagi Nu Derm?

healthy skinObagi Nu Derm is a powerful skin care system. It’s unparalleled for helping to get rid of uneven facial skin pigmentation. It also treats fine lines and wrinkles and brightens the complexion. But, because it contains prescription strength hydroquinone, many people, myself included, prefer the Nu Derm system used as a finite treatment, not a long-term skin care routine. What is the best post Obagi Nu Derm skin care routine to maintain results?   That depends on your skin problems and skin type. I just received this exact question from one of my web readers. Here’s my approach to creating the best post Obagi Nu Derm Skin Care Routine to maintain results: I continue the nightly tretinoin treatment for the long-term benefits that it provides for your skin. It’s sometimes necessary to step down in strength since the Obagi Nu Derm Blender is mixed with tretinoin, thus lowering the actual tretinoin strength when you’re on Nu Derm. I aim to maximize other effective skin pigment controlling products and rejuvenation products. This means using the highest concentration, professional skin care products your skin can handle. You want both a professional glycolic acid product and a similar vitamin C product. To help your skin “allow” this treatment, you usually need to give it a well matched cleanser, adequate moisturizing, and an anti-inflammatory product that soothes any subtle irritation that these products may produce. Specifically, here's what I recommend as a powerful anti-aging and skin pigment controlling routine for you if you just finished Obagi Nu Derm or if you want to "step up" your tretinoin treatment. You need:
  1. One of my AHA rejuvenation kits matched for your skin type.
  2. My antioxidant kit.
  3. One of my day creams matched for your skin type to be applied only where and when your skin needs a little extra moisture.
The exact skin care routine looks like this: Morning:
  1. Wash with Glytone Gel Wash Cleanser and the buf puf.
  2. Apply Replenix CF Cream.
  3. Alternate the Cell Repair Serum with the glycolic acid product in the AHA Kit.
  4. Apply the Day Cream where you need extra moisture.
  5. Apply Citrix Sunscreen.
  6. Apply mineral makeup, as needed.
  1. Wash with a gentle cleanser of choice, possibly with a Clarisonic Plus.
  2. Apply Replenix CF Cream.
  3. Apply the Day Cream where your skin needs extra moisturizer.
  4. Wait 15 or more minutes then apply tretinoin.
Remember, just like the Obagi Nu Derm, this is a powerful routine. If ANY skin irritation develops, let your skin rest. This means no:
  • tretinoin,
  • glycolic acid wash, cream or lotion,
  • vitamin C.
After a few days or so, you can start back on the routine.  The results are worth it. To buy these products, click on the links below.

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 Photo attribution: Thanks and gratitude to Zara