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The Best Sun Protection for Your Skin and Eyes

The Best Sun Protection for Your Skin and Eyes

It's simple; you need to wear a hat when you're in the sun. Combine your hat with a really good sunscreen and a pair of UV-blocking sunglasses and you're ready to bring on the sun!

Not just any hat will do, though.

You need to wear a proper sun hat when you are in the sun. Don't fool yourself with a ball cap or visor; those are my "job security." Look at your skin. If you've been wearing a ball cap or visor for years, then you may see that the sides of your face and the sides and back of your neck show more signs of damage than your forehead and nose. Do you see more wrinkles and uneven pigment? Is this where your doctor finds more suspicious lesions? Maybe you've even had precancerous or cancerous growths treated here. It's from the sun and it's a testament to the inadequacy of the much-loved ball caps and visors. Those are just for evening and indoor use - when you're outside in the sun, you need a proper sun hat to protect your face, neck, and eyes. What do you need for the perfect, dermatologist-approved sun hat? Your hat needs to:
  • Have a full brim measuring 3 to 5 inches.
  • Be made of material that the sun's rays can't penetrate.
  • Cover your scalp.
To keep yourself covered, you're going to need:
  1. A crush-able hat to roll up to pack quickly into your bag when you’re on the go.
  2. A good-looking casual hat to wear while you run errands around town, when you head to the farmer’s market or a picnic, when you are on a tour, while you watch an outdoor game, or when you attend a backyard barbeque.
  3. A breathable, high-performance hat to wear when you’re sweaty and working hard gardening, hiking, running, golfing, playing tennis, bike riding, or kayaking.
  4. A dressy hat to wear to fancy outdoor events like weddings, parties, and dressy outdoor social events.
Here in my office and on my website, we sell UPF 50 sun hats.  They are dermatologist approved - and they’re priced right - because I want you covered!

And ... I want you ready for a great spring in 2013! 

Right now, I'm giving you 10% off your Spring 2013 Sun Survival Essentials ADD one of my practical sun hats to the purchase of your water-resistant and daily-wear sunscreen and use coupon code Spring2013.  Remember, your old sunscreens break down and you need to start fresh each year with new product. Build your sun survival essentials with dermatologist-approved products.  Pick: 1.  A Sun Hat
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              2.  A daily-wear sunscreen for your face, neck, and chest
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                      3.  A water-resistant and rub-resistant sunscreen for:
  • everyday use on the exposed skin of your hands, arms, and legs
  • sweaty and wet activities from head to toe
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                    Then get ready to go outside and enjoy spring safely! Use Coupon Code Spring2013 in the shopping cart to get 10% off of these 3 product categories.  Here's to a glorious, beautifully sunny spring!